Bill Alter and Denise Nunez close on Sale of American Systems Mini Storage






Bill Alter and Denise Nunez closed on the sale of American Systems Mini Storage, which represents the Team’s 133rd successful closing of this property type.  American Systems Mini Storage is a 35,400 square foot, mixed-use property consisting of 251 storage units and 22 commercial/retail suites.  The property was about 70% occupied at closing and sold for $1,462,500.  The Alter/Nunez Team represented both the seller and the buyer in the transaction.

For more information contact Bill Alter at 602-315-0771 or .  You may also visit


For more information contact Bill Alter at 602-315-0771 or .  You may also visit


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Property Tax Expert Jay Herman Says Booming Self-Storage Industry Faces Higher Higher Tax Assessments

imagesSelf-storage is a growing business with a growing problem: Rising property tax assessments that are cutting into the bottom lines of self-storage operators, a leading property tax certiorari lawyer says.

The lawyer, Jay M. Herman, senior partner at Herman Katz Cangemi & Clyne LLP with offices in New York City and Long Island, says many assessors across the state, are calculating assessments by using the income derived by these properties, rather than determining the value of the real estate. New York City, in particular, relies upon the income generated to calculate assessments without a proper methodology to extract the business aspects of the revenue, in Herman’s opinion.

Property taxes have “a very material bottom line impact. In New York, perhaps the most significant impact,” said Gary Sugarman, director of development for Santa Monica, California-based William Warren Group, owner StorQuest Self Storage. StorQuest, he said, is expanding into the East and is relying on Herman Katz Cangemi & Clyne to determine the impact of property taxes on potential sites and to suggest ways in which the developer might obtain property tax relief. Sugarman said real estate taxes are the firm’s primary concern in determining if it will develop a particular site.
The rising assessments for self-storage facilities are taking place against a backdrop of robust industry growth due to an increasing number of space-strapped Americans turning to them to store stuff they don’t want to throw away.
“The industry has been one of extreme growth,” Sugarman said. “It has grown exponentially in the last few years.”
Indeed, one family in 10 uses one of the countries’ 50,000 facilities, according to the Self Storage Association, an industry body, which at the end of 2013 reported that there were more than 48,500 “primary” self storage facilities in the United States and another 4,000 “secondary” facilities that were part of other businesses Together, the association says, they pay more than $3.25 billion in property taxes to local taxing jurisdictions.
Nevertheless, to Herman, most self-storage facilities are nothing more than warehouses that have been partitioned and contracted to individual customers. If the storage business goes out, you have a warehouse again. In New York, a municipality cannot assess the value of the business, said Herman.
“They are businesses and we work to prove that the business portion of the operation must be excluded since under New York State law only the real estate should be valued for property tax purposes,” Herman explained.

Herman first litigated what is considered a case of first impression in New York State and has been working to develop a proper methodology to value these facilities. This has led to a structure for substantial relief for many of their clients.

And the firm, which represents some of the biggest names in the self-storage industry – Public Storage, Safeguard Self-Storage, Storage Post Self-Storage and Extra Space Self Storage—in challenging property tax assessments, hasn’t stopped challenging these rising assessments.

Herman said he hopes to revisit the question of business versus real estate value in tax challenge litigation in the future, since he does not believe the Court has yet to fully account for all business aspects in its analysis. “We’ll face this issue again,” he noted.

To be sure, not every challenge results in litigation. Often, said Herman, cases are resolved through negotiations with local assessors since litigation, especially if appealed, can be costly and go on for several years.

“We’re in negotiations right now with an assessing jurisdiction that could result in refunds of $500,000 or more for the owner,” said Herman. “If it cannot be resolved amicably, it’s certainly worth the cost of litigation.”

About Herman Katz Cangemi & Clyne LLP

Formed in 2005 and based in Melville, N.Y. and New York City, Herman Katz Cangemi & Clyne LLP is a law firm specializing in tax certiorari and condemnation proceedings. The firm’s Certiorari Practice represents commercial owners and operators in administrative and judicial proceedings protesting real property assessments throughout New York State. To reach one of the firm’s partners visit the firm’s web site or call 631.501.5011 or 212.953.5000.

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Bill Alter & Denise Nunez Broker Sale Of American Systems Mini Storage

image003Bill Alter and Denise Nunez closed on the sale of American Systems Mini Storage, which represents the Team’s 133rd successful closing of this property type. American Systems Mini Storage is a 35,400 square foot, mixed-use property consisting of 251 storage units and 22 commercial/retail suites. The property was about 70% occupied at closing and sold for $1,462,500. The Alter/Nunez Team represented both the seller and the buyer in the transaction.

For more information contact Bill Alter at 602-315-0771 of You may also visit

About Rein & Grossoehme

Rein & Grossoehme specializes in the sale of investment properties and commercial leasing. For more information, please visit:

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Service Without A Smile? Dealing With Subpoenas And Search Warrants By Elizabeth Ferrin

copSubpoenas and search warrants may be little more than a single piece of paper, but they carry a great deal of weight. What often starts with a mundane knock on
the office door can end with a police officer or court official delivering a document requiring the immediate attention and response of the self-storage manager. Although somewhat frightening and intimidating, managers need to answer that knock on the door with a helpful hand, remembering that with a little foresight and preparation, they can protect
the rights of their customers while upholding the rule of law.

Understanding The Documents

It is important to make a distinction between subpoenas and search warrants. A subpoena
is a command that requires someone to appear at a certain date, time, and place to
give testimony in a legal matter. Personal property may also be subpoenaed. “A subpoena
for documents or records is mostly what self-storage facilities see,” says Jeffrey
Greenberger, partner of the Cincinnati, Ohio based law firm Katz, Greenberger and Norton, LLP. “In fact, they are extremely common.”

Generally, subpoenas do not require immediate action. This lack of immediacy
gives managers ample time to contact the owner or management company as well as the attorney for the self-storage facility. It also presents managers with an opportunity
to organize and photocopy any documents listed in the subpoena.

Search warrants, on the other hand, require instant action. These documents are issued by a judge and allow the police to search a specific person or property for evidence of a crime. It may also allow the police to remove this evidence from the self-storage facility.
Since searches usually begin immediately after serving the warrant, there is little time for a manager to react. This means a good plan must already be in place so
that managers can make appropriate decisions and ensure they are following
company policy during such a critical time.

“Prepare a checklist,” recommends Kenneth Piken, senior partner at
Long Island, N.Y.-based Piken and Associates. “Everyone’s intimidated by
a badge, so keep a checklist handy. Remember, these things all happen in less than five minutes.” Along with a checklist, managers should have up-to-date
telephone numbers giving them 24-hour access to several key people, including the management company, owner, attorney, and insurance agent.

When first served, managers should take the time to examine the documents. “Look at the subpoena or search warrant and make sure it’s for your facility,” advises Scott Zucker, an attorney specializing in self-storage with the Atlanta, Ga.-based firm, Weissmann
and Zucker, PC. “Also, double check that there is, in fact, a unit rented to the person they
are investigating. If it’s clean and they’re looking for part of a person’s file or they
want to search a unit, be cooperative and assist law enforcement.”

“Along with a checklist, managers should
have up-to-date telephone numbers giving
them 24-hour access to several key people,
including the management company,
owner, attorney, and insurance agent.”

If the search warrant allows police to take business documents such as rental agreements or a customer’s personal information, remember to provide them with copies only. Never provide law enforcement with the originals. Also, be prepared to copy surveillance
video from the computer or VCR to a CD or video tape. If managers are unable
to provide copies, there is no way to stop the police from walking out the door with the self-storage facility’s computer hard drive.

After looking over the warrant and making any necessary copies, managers should
make every attempt to accurately record the event. If at all possible, photocopy the
search warrant. It is also a good idea to write down the name and badge number
of the police officer executing the warrant. Managers may also want to examine the
police officer’s badge and photocopy their identification if permitted.

“Create an incident report of the event,” says Zucker. “If police don’t
object, take photos or video. If they are taking items from units, ask the police to inventory those items.” The key is to be as thorough as possible when recording the incident.

Have Procedures In Place

Once the proper documents are examined and copied, managers should
address the logistics of the actual search. Currently, there is a great deal of debate
within the industry surrounding the best way to access a unit during a search.

“If managers are unable to provide copies, there
is no way to stop the police from walking out
the door with the self-storage facility’s computer
hard drive.”

“The company should have a policy as to whether the manager is going to cut the
lock off, provide or assist the police with the tools to cut to the lock, or simply sit in
the office while the officers enter the unit and possibly damage the door and hasp,”
says Greenberger, who is quick to add that he does not suggest managers ever cut
the locks themselves. “If there is a meth lab in the unit, cutting off the lock can cause a
spark and ignite the entire meth lab.”

Other industry professionals, however, are strongly in favor of managers providing
assistance to the police with cutting the locks. “I am of the opinion that unless law
enforcement has a bolt cutter and knows what they are doing, the manager should
cooperate, even to the extent of helping to drill the lock off to avoid damage to the
facility’s property,” says Zucker. He adds that when police are standing at the store’s
front gates, a manager would never refuse to open the gate and would not stand by
while officers drive their cars through the gate arm to get to the office door.

“You want to be cooperative with law enforcement because the assumption is
that they’re protecting the public,” Zucker points out. “There is a fear about cooperating,
but if law enforcement tells you to open a unit, there are certain immunities
that result from cooperating. If anything, a manager should not obstruct the instructions
of the police.”

With any scenario—recommending managers cut locks themselves, requiring
managers to stay in the office, or advising managers to step back while police
handle the entry and only help when necessary—managers should have a firm
grasp of the company’s search policy. Of course, there are cases where the search warrant will call for a manager to cut the lock. In this instance, managers are duty
bound to follow the warrant regardless of company policy.

Once the search is in progress, managers should make an effort to keep
other customers away from the area. They should also take pains to stay out
of the way of law enforcement officials and remember not to touch anything. In
general, the police will handle the situation and the managers need to follow their
instructions. However, managers should also ask police to inform them once they
have completed their search.

After the search is over, it is usually the managers who are left holding the bag.
Searches are often messy and disorganized and it is not uncommon for the tenant’s
property to be left in the aisles. “The government is technically supposed to clean up,” says Piken. “But, I don’t think you’ll get too far asking the government.”

Instead, managers generally handle the cleanup themselves. “Before doing anything,
you’d better make sure the police are done and know exactly who you spoke to,” warns Greenberger. “Then, you can go ahead and do the cleanup. Of course,
there is tons of liability with handling stored property. But moving it is one step better
than leaving it out where it’s going to get stolen, stepped on, or blown away. You
have to pick your poison.”

Once the cleanup is done, the unit should be over locked and managers
should ask the police for permission to contact the owners. If allowed, a letter
should be sent to the tenants saying that their lock was cut off by the police
and advising them to come into the self-storage facility. The company may also
choose to bill the tenant for the cost of the new lock. If the renters do not come
in, consider mailing them they keys the since a manager never wants to be in
charge of a customer’s lock.

If law enforcement does not want management to contact the renter,
ask the police how to handle the situation if the tenant comes into the
facility and asks about the new lock.  “It’s all scenario-driven,” says Zucker.
“There are so many different scenarios of what can happen in these ordeals.”
Managers should simply follow law enforcement’s instructions.

Be Prepared!

In this day and age, most self-storage managers will eventually find themselves
coming face-to-face with subpoenas and search warrants. However, it takes only a
little preparation to successfully manage the situation. With some research and training,
managers can handle even the weightiest search warrants and subpoenas, work
hand-in-hand with the police, and keep the self-storage facility safe and secure.

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Roost Launches Service to Enable Peer-to-Peer Storage in San Francisco

roostRoost, an online peer-to-peer marketplace for storage and parking spaces, today launched a new chapter in the ‘Sharing Economy.’ Roost’s discovery platform brings people together for storage solutions and thereby revolutionizes the $24 billion dollar self-storage industry.

Renters can search for storage and parking spaces using filters such as geographic location, access, size and storage type. They can view hosts’ profile information, including public reviews and ratings to help them make more well-informed decisions. Roost also connects hosts and renters through a private messaging system, so that details can be ironed out before bookings are confirmed.

Hosts can create one or multiple storage space listings on Roost, set pricing terms and manage the availability of their space through a dynamic calendar. Payments, including recurring payments for long-term rentals, are automatically and securely deposited into the hosts’ bank accounts.

“We aim to help people store their stuff through our unique online sharing platform,” said Jonathan Gillon, Co-Founder and CEO of Roost. “We bring people together and put extra income in the hands of San Franciscans who can earn extra income by sharing their unused space. By helping people find low-cost storage nearby, we make storing your stuff easy. That’s what being a good neighbor is all about.”

“We want people to think about space as an opportunity,” said Bonnie Lai, Roost’s technical Co-Founder. “We think this will encourage people to reevaluate their storage options, save money and make storage a much more pleasant experience.”

Roost goes beyond being just a platform. Safety and security are heavily prioritized with features such as identity verification, insurance coverage, safety guidelines, best practices, background checks, and reviews. These are some things you won’t get with storage options today. So the next time you’re thinking about renting a storage unit, or cluttering your garage, Roost it instead.

About Roost

Roost is a marketplace that connects friendly people who have extra space to neighbors who need storage or parking. We’re dedicated to positively impacting your wallet, environment, and community. For more information, please visit:

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Cell Tower Lease Consultants, Airwave Advisors, Launches Enhanced Website

airwave-advisors-logoThe nation’s leading cell tower lease consultants Airwave Advisors, announced today the launch of their redesigned website The updated website features over 50 in-depth articles covering cell tower lease trends and is the go-to source for all information related to cell tower leases. “We are thrilled to announce the redesign of our website. We feel property owners will enjoy having a wealth of cell tower lease knowledge at their fingertips.” said Nick Foster, President and Founder of Airwave Advisors. Mr. Foster continues by saying “We couldn’t have completed the redesign without the technical expertise of the nation’s leading web developers The Storage Group!”.

Premier web developers The Storage Group out of Maitland, Florida led the web development efforts. “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Steve Lucas and Chris Edwards at The Storage Group. Tasks other web developers told me were impossible to accomplish Chris and his team were able to get done in less than a week!”, praised Mr. Foster. Chris Edwards replied by stating, “We enjoyed working on Nick’s website for Airwave Advisors. It’s a great concept that will really benefit the Self Storage Industry. We were happy to meet his deadline and look forward to working with him in the future.”

About Airwave Advisors

Airwave Advisors is founded by cell tower lease expert and industry veteran with over 10 years of experience Nick Foster. Airwave Advisors specializes in helping property owners maximize economic opportunities with their cell tower leases. Airwave Advisors takes pride in obtaining significant results for their clients with higher rents and more favorable terms in lease negotiations. Learn more by visiting

About The Storage Group

The Storage Group has over 40 years of combined self-storage industry experience and a team of Internet marketing professionals who specialize in website design, on-line marketing and website management services. Today’s most successful self-storage companies are using the power of the Internet to attract more customers and maximize revenues. The Storage Group is committed to optimizing your web presence, generating more leads and producing a higher return on your investment (ROI). Learn more by visiting

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Janus International To Hold Open House At New Butler, IN Plant


Date: Friday, October 17, 2014
Time: 11:30am – 3:00pm
Location: Janus International Group
620 W. Main St.
Butler, IN 46721
The Indiana plant will offer Midwest and Northeast customers greater access and freight efficiencies on self storage and commercial door orders. View the plant, meet our staff and executive team and enjoy some Indiana food. We’ve even got a few interactive games and events in store, so please plan to attend.

For those of you who live too far to travel, we just want to spread the word that Janus continues to expand to meet our customers’ needs.

Register here: by October 13, 2014.

If we can help answer any questions, please contact Leeann Fleming at 770.280.5857 or

We look forward to seeing you on October 17th!

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U-Haul Storage at 19th Avenue Improves Services to Benefit Phoenix Community

U-HAUL LOGOU-Haul Storage at 19th Avenue is now open for business in central Phoenix. Formerly a U-Haul dealership, American Mini Storage, this new facility features 13 one-story self-storage buildings and a two-story office with an apartment. These buildings are situated on 3.81 acres of land at 9404 North 19th Avenue.

This U-Haul facility provides a much-needed product to local residents and businesses at a location with a long history of serving the Phoenix community. With the options of climate‑controlled rooms, extended hours and 24 hour service, U-Haul Storage at 19th Avenue has added convenience for its customers.

Marketing Company President Jason Turcotte explained that this facility is currently undergoing reimaging. This includes repainting the facility, adding better lighting throughout, adding more security cameras and having the capabilities to rent a room 24 hours a day, seven days a week — all on the Internet.137651

“I am most excited about the opportunity to serve more customers,” Turcotte noted. “I am really proud of what we can offer to our Internet-based customers. They can now rent a room from start to finish without even stepping foot into the showroom. Customers can still come to the front office and expect the same great customer service we have always provided, but we have been able to extend our level of service to increase convenience for more people.”

The acquisition of American Mini Storage was driven by U-Haul Company’s Corporate Sustainability initiatives: U-Haul supports infill development to help local communities lower their carbon footprint. Our adaptive reuse of existing buildings eliminates the amount of energy and resources required for new-construction materials and helps cities diminish their unwanted inventory of unused buildings.

Visit U-Haul Storage at 19th Avenue for all your storage needs or call (602) 944-6971, Mon. – Thur. 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Fri. 7 a.m. – 8 p.m., Sat. 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., and Sun. 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Visit us online at or contact U-Haul Reservations, at 1-800-GO-UHAUL

About U-Haul

U-Haul was founded by a Navy veteran who grew up during the Great Depression. Tires and gas were still rationed or in short supply during the late 1940s when U-Haul began serving U.S. customers. Today, that background is central to the U-Haul Sustainability Program: “Serving the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”  Our commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle includes fuel-efficient moving vans, neighborhood proximity, moving box reuse, moving pads made from discarded material and packing peanuts that are 100% biodegradable.  Learn more about these facts and others at

Since 1945, U-Haul has been the choice for the do-it-yourself mover. U-Haul customers’ patronage has enabled the Company to maintain the largest rental fleet in the do-it-yourself moving industry which includes trucks, trailers and towing devices. U-Haul also offers self-storage throughout North America. The Company provides industry leading moving and storage boxes and an extended line of packing supplies to protect customer possessions. U-Haul is the consumer’s number one choice as the largest installer of permanent trailer hitches in the automotive aftermarket. The Company supplies alternative-fuel for vehicles and backyard grills as one of the nation’s largest retailers of propane. For more information, please visit:

(via PRNewswire)

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Self Storage Centers of America Launches New and Improved Website

sssaHome Owners interested in self storage will find relevant and useful information on the new recently launched Self Storage Centers of America website. This new website launch takes into account several most requested features including more information, clearer layout, and online payment center.

Self Storage Centers of America Affordable provides storage solutions for all personal or business storage needs! Conveniently located at Causeway Blvd. and US 301, they offer both climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage solutions, as well as additional boat and RV storage that all feature 24 hour access and top-of-the-line security. Locally owned and operated by an experienced staff, call them today for all of your storage needs!

Self Storage Centers of America has invested considerable time and effort to ensure an enjoyable user experience while providing timely and relevant information on Self Storage. Additional updates and new features can be expected in the future. Interested parties can view the website at

Owner Steve Williams described the new website in this way:

“There has been a lot of positive feedback surrounding and the information that it provides. Self Storage Centers of America is committed to making continual improvements and adjustments so that all Home Owners, have access to the latest information on Self Storage. It is the goal of Self Storage Centers of America to become the leading resource for reliable information on issues regarding self storage.”

The new site was designed by, Lizardwebs specializes in small business web services including web design, email services and webhosting. Offering fresh contemporary designs for all types of sites, they can provide web design services that fit individual needs without breaking the bank. Lizardwebs will also be providing SEO services for Self Storage Centers of America, targeting Brandon FL, Tampa FL, and Riverview FL.

Self Storage Centers of America welcomes new and old website visitors alike to take a look at the new features available, and to submit feedback for the next round of updates.

About Self Storage Centers of America

Affordable storage solutions for all of your personal or business needs! Conveniently located at Causeway Blvd. and US 301, we offer both climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage solutions, as well as additional boat and RV storage that all feature 24 hour access and top-of-the-line security. Locally owned and operated by an experienced staff, Call us today for all of your storage needs! For more information, please visit:

(via PressCable)

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The Lock Up Opens New Facility In Wheaton, Illinois

logo-bg1The Lock Up Self Storage has opened its newest facility in Illinois. It is located at 2230 N. Main Street in Wheaton, Illinois 60187 and is the 14th addition to The Lock Up’s self storage facilities in Illinois.

The facility is conveniently situated for the residents and businesses of Wheaton, Carol Stream, Winfield and Glen Ellyn as it’s a mere 3.5 miles east of the i355 and only 1 mile south of the North Avenue thoroughfare. It is centrally located and surrounded by grocery stores, banks, restaurants and even a Home Depot, so visiting your new self storage unit can become part of your daily errands if need be.

There are a total of 680 units in the over 58,000 square feet building. Of these units, 646 are inside the facility and are climate controlled, but what makes the Wheaton Lock Up unique is that 34 of the units are large, drive up units that are climate controlled as well. This is a rarity in the self storage market and yet another way that The Lock Up continues to differentiate itself from the competition.

As is customary for The Lock Up, this newly constructed self storage facility boasts all of the unique features that our customers have come to love and expect. All hallways are carpeted, and there is a full size passenger elevator that makes it easy to move your items into your storage unit. There are hand carts available for tenants and of course, for every new lease, there is a free move in truck available for use.

Security is of the utmost importance to both The Lock Up and its clients, so the Wheaton facility has security camera monitoring, electronic coded access and heavy duty cylinder locks on each unit. And in keeping with their efforts to be more green, the Wheaton Lock Up has motion sensitive lighting to cut down on unnecessary electric usage.

The official Grand Opening is slated for Wednesday September 10th at 4:30 P.M., but if you live or work in the area and need a self storage unit, be sure to stop in for more information. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are there to help you with everything, from picking out the right storage unit for your needs, to getting set up with a move in truck.

Or, save up to 25% when you reserve online with our Grand Opening Special by visiting and looking at the Wheaton, Illinois Lock Up Self Storage facility page!

About The Lock Up Self-Storage

Lock Up Development Group (an affiliate of BRB Development, LLC) is a family owned and operated company that has been in the self storage business since 1976. Continuing to be one of the most active and well-respected private companies in the storage industry, The Lock Up was started by Robert Soudan Sr. and Charles Sample Sr. who built their first self storage facility in Glenview, Illinois. With the help of his son and son-in-law, Bob Soudan Jr. and Rick Hielscher, Mr. Soudan has significantly increased both the number and quality of his self storage facilities. Currently, The Lock Up operates storage centers in eight states. We own and manage over 1.6 million square feet of self storage. Additionally, we have recently partnered with a large pension fund that controls tens of billions of dollars. For more information, please visit:

(via Lock-Up Self Storage)

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