Janus Announces New Vice President, International Sales

janusJanus International Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Roc Hughes as Vice President, International Sales. Hughes was most recently employed by DBCI, where he wasRoc_Hughes responsible for growing the company through both sales and general management capacities. Roc’s standing in the self storage industry is vast and will be a great asset as he assists Janus in its growth throughout Europe, Latin America and other emerging markets.

Hughes will operate out of Janus’ headquarters location in Temple, Georgia as well as the European office in Peterlee, United Kingdom.

About Janus International Group

Janus International Group is a leading global manufacturer of rolling sheet doors and building components for the self storage, commercial and industrial markets. Headquartered in Temple, Georgia, Janus has five U.S. locations as well as facilities in the U.K. and Mexico. For more details, visit our website at www.janusintl.com or www.janusintl.co.uk.

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Guest Post: My Journey to Self-Storage Success By Kevin Rollings

Minico2I have always enjoyed the business world. I specifically liked the rental side of that world. I started out in the rental equipment industry a long time ago and then eventually made the transition in my successful career in self storage. You see, there is just something awesome about being able to own something, let someone else pay YOU to use it and then at the end of the day you still own it. What a great formula. Sounds like the perfect business plan to me and frankly, it IS the perfect business!

 As I became more familiar with commercial real estate and all the options that were available, I gravitated to self storage. Let’s face it, we have all heard or experienced the horror stories that go with house or apartment rentals. Trashed out homes in need of lots of repair to be able to rent again, the phone calls at 2 in the morning because the heat won’t come on or busted water pipe that leaves three inches of water covering the floor. As I continued my journey, I found a wonderful real estate niche that was a perfect fit for me. Self Storage! Why? Simple really, no phone calls in the middle of the night, no dealing with a tenant that could care less about upkeep of a property, and a long list of other reasons. In Self Storage you still have tenants, of course, but all they need is a place to store their cherished items when they run out of room at home. Give them a safe and secure place and they are happy.

 So are you asking yourself: How do I get started? Do I need a huge amount of cash? Do I need years of experience? No, No and No.

There is some initial investment expense, but that’s ok. You are investing in your future after all. Find the right facility for you and that won’t even be an issue. Oh, c’mon, it can’t be that easy. I didn’t say it was easy, but it’s possible. You see, I walked the path you are walking. I started as just a manager and moved up to a regional manager for an investor’s portfolio. I dealt with an owner that was only interested in making money, then more money and then more. His concerns were not about the actual facilities potential or about my ideas or thoughts for the facilities. Like many others, with employers doing the same thing, I began to ask myself: Why should I work my tail off for him? So, I started exploring what was out there.

Guess what, there are all kinds of opportunities in self storage. Each one is somewhat unique and with some work a self storage facility could be yours. That’s what I did. I found a facility that fit my financial picture, one that I could make my own. I started putting my info together. The due diligence that was necessary on my journey to being an entrepreneur. I asked the seller for previous history, profit and loss statements, occupancy levels, and expense and income records. Talked to the bank. Negotiated. Then I bought my first facility!!

Wow, how exciting and I didn’t have to be a millionaire to do it. I also discovered something else. One was not enough. So, I started talking to more banks, brokers and agents. I wanted to find another facility that fit me. Three years later I am fortunate to have three self storage facilities and they happen to be three of the facilities that a ran as a Regional Manager.

The best part is I also put together a company to help others realize their dreams too. Do you enjoy self storage? Would you like to own your own facility? Check out www.selfstoragefacilitymanagement.com. Sign up for a FREE 30 minute consultation. Do what I did, OWN it… not just manage it and start your success in self storage!

About Kevin Rollings & Self-Storage Facility Management

Kevin R. Rollings is a Teacher, an Owner and an Operations Manager for Self-Storage Facilities! Kevin has over 25 years rental experience at various levels of management and ownership in the rental niche.

Kevin was the regional supervisor for Scott Meyers, the past owner of Alcatraz Storage’s in the Indianapolis Greater Areas. Kevin was often a speaker at Scott Meyer’s Self Storage Academy as the key speaker for Management 101 and for Self Storage Auctions. His wisdom and excitement for the industry lead Kevin to purchase Alcatraz Storage in Brownsburg, Indiana, moving him from a once manager to a current owner!

For more information, please visit: http://selfstoragefacilitymanagement.com/

Summer Slash

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US Storage Centers Expands Arizona Portfolio

gI_79085_US Storage Centers - LOGOUS Storage Centers today announced that on July 2, 2014, the Company acquired a portfolio of self-storage properties in Tucson, Arizona. The portfolio consists of two storage facilities that total a combined 77,750 net rentable space in 948 units. The properties will be re-branded US Storage Centers.

“2014 has been about executing our plan for strategic growth in our core markets and especially in Arizona. We now have a significant footprint in the Greater Phoenix market and with the acquisition of these two well-located assets we have now stretched our presence to the Tucson submarket,” says Charles Byerly, the company’s President and CEO.

Mark McGilvray, Executive Vice President, said: “we look for opportunities where we can add value through operational and physical improvements and these two properties meet our criteria perfectly. We see great potential for increasing revenue in these properties through our revenue management and digital marketing platforms. I’m very excited about the acquisition of these two storage facilities.”

The two properties are respectively located at 4115 E. Speedway, Tucson, AZ 85712 and 2825 N. 1st Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719.

US Storage Centers has been a leading owner operator in the storage industry for nearly 30 years. It currently has over 5,000,000 rental square feet under management, which is comprised of self storage and RV and Boat storage. The company is the tenth largest operator in the U.S. and continues to grow through acquisition, development and third party management services.

About US Storage Centers

Founded in 1985, US Storage Centers is an owner / operator of self storage facilities in 12 states. US Storage Centers is a vertically integrated real estate company, specializing in the self storage industry, that develops, acquires and manages its own portfolio as well as provides third party management services. As of April 2014 it has well over five million rentable square feet under management and employs over 200 people nationwide. US Storage Centers is a founding partner of the 501(c)3 Kure-It, a non-profit organization that raises money for underfunded cancer research, as well as Charity Storage, a 501(c)3 that uses vacant storage units to raise money for local charities. To date, Kure-It has raised over $2.7 Million and Charity Storage has raised nearly $200,000.

(via PRWeb)

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OpenTech Acquiring SMS Solution TXTCollector

opentechOpenTech Alliance, Inc. today announced that they have entered into an agreement to acquire TXTCollector, from Hub Media Marketing, the makers of Text Messaging software that automates the collections of past due balances in the self-storage marketplace. Terms of the deal, which is the company’s 2nd acquisition in 2014, were undisclosed. The transaction is expected to close by the end of Q3 in 2014.

Text Messaging (SMS) is at the forefront in technology when transmitting payment reminders, past due notices, and or auction alerts to tenants. With eight times the response rate of email, and a much less disruptive experience for the recipient than robo-calls, the collections service has proven to be one of the most reliable and productive methods of communication with tenants.

Robert Chiti, President and CEO at OpenTech said, “Our strategy is to grow our company thru internal development, acquisition and partnerships. TXTCollector has a rapidly growing user base because it does not require any manager intervention, it is easily customizable and in many ways performs better than a collections agency. We are excited to add it to our platform and integrate it with the rest of our services. We feel it will be a solid foundation from which to develop new SMS services outside of just collections for the self storage industry.”

About OpenTech Alliance, Inc

Celebrating a Decade of Service to Self-Storage, OpenTech provides solutions that connect storage owners with tenants. Through the development of a complete line of automated Kiosks and Call Center services, the INSOMNIAC brand has become synonymous with self-storage. The company offers a wide-range of self-storage rental solutions that increase revenues and improve customer convenience, while decreasing operating costs and workload. A place to find reliable, around-the-clock support is what OpenTech has come to be for thousands of self-storage owners world-wide. For additional information, please click OpenTechAlliance.com or call an OpenTech Business Development Manager at (602) 749-9370.

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Personal Mini Storage Assumes Management of Satellite Beach Self Storage Facility

262254_PMSLogoPersonal Mini Storage, Central Florida’s premier business and commercial storage operator today announces that it has assumed management of Atlantic Plaza Mini Storage located in Satellite Beach, Florida. The location, situated less than one mile from Patrick Air Force Base, has recently been rebranded under the Personal Mini Storage umbrella and is currently undergoing major capital improvements. The facility is Personal Mini Storage’s first in Brevard County and marks the company’s 35th project in its third-party management program.

“Assuming management of Atlantic Plaza Mini Storage has been exciting for us,” said Marc Smith, president of Personal Mini Storage. “As our first location in Brevard, we’re looking forward to bringing the county’s residents the level of service Personal Mini Storage customers across Central Florida have come to know and love.”

Personal Mini Storage has taken on all comprehensive management components of the Satellite Beach location, including HR, accounting, revenue management, sales, marketing, advertising, goal-setting, community involvement, customer care and maintenance and repair coordination, among other activities. In addition to assuming management, Personal Mini Storage has begun major capital improvements to the location, including improved storage units and features, new roll-up doors and enhanced signage.

“We’re certain existing location customers will appreciate the improvements currently taking place, and are happy to add Atlantic Plaza Mini Storage to the Personal Mini Storage family,” added Smith.

Personal Mini Storage has been the storage solution for more than 278,000 local residents and businesses since its inception in 1982. To find out more about Personal Mini Storage or to find the storage location nearest to you, visit www.personalministorage.com.

About Personal Mini Storage

Founded in 1982 by brothers Stan and Ron Shader, Personal Mini Storage has remained a family-owned and operated business for more than 30 years. A premier storage operator, Personal Mini Storage manages 36 locations across the Mid-Florida region.

For more information about Personal Mini Storage, or to find the storage location nearest to you, visit www.personalministorage.com.

(via MarketWired)

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Guest Post: Raising Value At Your Facility By Kevin Rollings

Minico2The last 10 years have been a very interesting time in self storage. Our business has been evolving more over that time than at any other time. Keeping up can be a challenge and you have to change your game plan for today’s market.

Just increasing your bottom line can be simple and remember that equals greater facility value too. This is a business that needs management involvement to grow and profit. How do I grow that bottom line? Creativity and attention seem to work the best for me.

Investors today seem to look at several things: location, income and expenses, local market and history. Most potential customers are conservative especially given the state of today’s economy. This means a property needs to be bought right. If you are selling, decreasing expenses and increasing income allow you to achieve a better sell price.

How do I raise value? Curb appeal. This does not have to be an expensive endeavor either. Some paint, flowers and a well groomed facility will do the trick. Making it noticeable to drive by traffic will usually equal walk ins. Another benefit, if you raise rents it is easily justified with the improvements you are making.

 Cut your expenses. Too many folks are still using print advertising. Talk about no boom for your buck. The internet is the way to go. But you have to ask yourself these questions: Can I be found on the first page of google when they type in facility name your town, is my site up to date and how much does this cost me. Initially there is a bit of expense to get up and running. Maintenance to your site is very low cost after the initial set up. More expense to cut? What about credit cards? Have you shopped your account to see who can give you the best rates and fees? What about your property taxes? This can be a drawn out process but the end is worthwhile. Usually can be a major savings.

 Do you have units that are vacant? Rent them at a discounted rate. After all, 10.00 bucks a month beats 0.00 a month. Stipulate a period of time when the regular rate will take effect. Most will continue to stay because of the convenience.

These are just a few things you can do to increase your facility value.

About Kevin Rollings & Self-Storage Facility Management

Kevin R. Rollings is a Teacher, an Owner and an Operations Manager for Self-Storage Facilities! Kevin has over 25 years rental experience at various levels of management and ownership in the rental niche.

Kevin was the regional supervisor for Scott Meyers, the past owner of Alcatraz Storage’s in the Indianapolis Greater Areas. Kevin was often a speaker at Scott Meyer’s Self Storage Academy as the key speaker for Management 101 and for Self Storage Auctions. His wisdom and excitement for the industry lead Kevin to purchase Alcatraz Storage in Brownsburg, Indiana, moving him from a once manager to a current owner!

For more information, please visit: http://selfstoragefacilitymanagement.com/

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ClickandStor™ Makes A Difference During July 4 Holiday Weekend

clickandstor-85918758It was July 4th Weekend, a well-deserved holiday break for most Americans. Even though it was a holiday, however, there were still people around the country who needed to find and move in to self storage facilities. Such was the case in Savannah, Georgia, at the Plantation Self Storage facility, but thanks to The Storage Group’s ClickandStor™ online move-in system, customers were able to move in while the office was closed for the holiday.

ClickandStor™ offers the easiest and most economical way for a facility to gain a new tenant from its website, accept payment, and give the customer access. Whether prospective customers visit the website or arrive on-site ready to store, ClickandStor™ allows them to register, digitally sign their agreement, make all required payments, and gain access to a unit without the need for any human interaction. They can move-in “on the spot”; even from their smartphone.

All of which made Bob Francis, founder of The Heron Group which owns and operates Plantation Self Storage, very happy. “Over the recent July 4th weekend, our Savannah, GA location leased and moved in three new customers while the rental office was closed!” said Francis. “No calls to an answering service, no need to be at the site and no hassles.”

“I have nothing but great things to say about the ClickandStor™ program offered by The Storage Group,” Francis added. “We use the system after hours, but if you operate remote locations or work with short work weeks this is the only way to go.”

The Storage Group works to help self storage owner/operators of all sizes, large and small generate more rentals. Its ability to create just the right website and expedite the move-in process online has caught the eye of many in the industry.

“We at The Storage Group love to hear success stories like the one involving the Plantation Self Storage facility,” said Steve Lucas, Director of Sales for TSG. “We know that ClickandStor™ is a first-rate product, but when someone as influential in the industry as Bob Francis says it works for him, we know we’re making a difference.”

About The Storage Group (TSG)

TSG is a full service Internet marketing company providing innovative tools and online marketing solutions that generate more business for self storage companies. TSG offers a variety of customized services including mobile websites, website development, ClickandStor™ online rentals, self storage SEO, pay-per-click marketing, and transparent reporting/analysis. Using their longstanding experience in self storage and Internet marketing, TSG’s experts deploy the latest technologies to establish powerful web presences for storage operators while also maintaining its customer-centric commitment. TSG’s proven methods assist storage businesses in capturing target markets, attracting traffic, and increasing rentals.

For further information and news about The Storage Group, contact Holly Ritchie at 407-392-2328 or hritchie@storagegroupinc.com.

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Virtus Real Estate Capital Acquires Bentonville, Arkansas-Based Self-Storage Facility

virtusVirtus Real Estate Capital, a real estate private equity firm based in Austin, Texas, recently acquired a Bentonville, Ark.-based self-storage facility. The Bentonville Storage acquisition marks Virtus’ third acquisition in the northwest Arkansas market since the beginning of the year. The purchase is also the fourth self-storage facility in the firm’s strategic joint venture partnership with Absolute Storage Management (ASM), a storage owner/operator based in Memphis, Tenn.

Built in 2002, Bentonville Storage is a 57,750-square-foot Class A facility encompassing roughly 400 units. At the time of acquisition, the property was 98 percent occupied. The site is near Walmart’s corporate headquarters and just minutes away from downtown Bentonville.

“Bentonville Storage will serve as the cornerstone asset in our recent efforts to move into the northwest Arkansas self-storage market. The facility will be a key addition to the two facilities Virtus purchased in March by providing additional climate controlled space and a variety of complimentary unit types.  We’re incredibly thrilled to continue adding to our portfolio of assets with ASM, a proven and trusted best-in-class management service,” said Scott Humphreys, acquisitions director, Virtus Real Estate Capital.

In 2014, ASM will implement a more thorough revenue management program, greater online presence and search engine optimization, as well as provide a tailored approach to the direct operational management of the property.

“Bentonville Storage is a great piece of real estate and it fits very well in our overall strategy of expanding in northwest Arkansas,” said Michael Haugh, president, Absolute Storage Management.

High-resolution photos of Bentonville Storage are available upon request.

 About Virtus Real Estate Capital

Virtus Real Estate Capital is a private equity real estate investment company based out of Austin, Texas.  Founded in 2003, Virtus has acquired over $2.3 billion of commercial real estate in 163 properties across the United States. Virtus’ investment strategy is to acquire commercial real estate in specific niche property types in targeted markets that serve the highest growth segments of the population in the United States: charter schools, self storage, student housing, medical office, multifamily apartments and senior living. Their focus continues to be asset classes that are highly fragmented, require deep market knowledge and generate resilient cash flow streams, even in difficult economic environments. For more information, visit www.virtusre.com.

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A-1 Self Storage Makes Monetary Donation to All for God Youth Ministry in San Diego, CA.

A1A-1 Self Storage, the premier provider of self storage in San Diego, CA, announced today their monetary donation to All for God Youth Ministry. The donation will provide scholarships to local youth who will attend the 2014 Steubenville San Diego young adult
conference to be held July 25-27, 2014 at the University of San Diego.

All for God produces two yearly conferences that impact the lives of teens. Steubenville San Diego is a 3-day mega-event youth conference held in July. This conference has ministered to over 25,000 teens in seven years. The conference is a high-quality, technology rich experience, with nationally acclaimed speakers and musicians, where teens hear the Gospel shared in ways that are relevant. This proven event calls teens into a rich and meaningful life, living out their faith.

“We are excited to once again support All for God’s Steubenville San Diego event. The conference offers a life changing experience that positively impacts teens for life. We are honored to be a part of the conference.”

For more information about the All for God Youth Ministry, please visit:

About A-1 Self Storage

A-1 Self Storage is one of the leading providers of self storage and car storage in California with 18locations in the San Diego area and over 48 locations statewide. A-1 is the Self Storage division of the Caster Companies, a third generation family-owned company headquartered in Southern California since 1959. The Caster Companies specializes in acquisitions, development and management of A-1 Self Storage, A-1 Car Storage and other commercial properties in California. Its Real Estate Portfolio includes over 4 million square feet in real estate properties. It is one of California’s largest independent self storage and car storage owner/operators.

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Horizontal Lift Co. Launches New Website

Logo HLSite Offers Essential Information to Start or Expand Mobile Storage Business

Horizontal Lift Co., manufacturer of the only patented, non-franchise, non-dealership, no-tilt lift designed to adapt to different sized mobile storage containers from different container manufacturers, has announced the launch of their newly designed website, www.horizontallift.com.

Starting or Expanding Mobile Storage Business

The new website offers a wealth of information for individuals looking to start or expand their mobile storage business. In addition to details about the company’s mobile lift system, the website also includes information about the various types of containers that can be used with their lift as well as details about container attachment. The site also includes the Horizontal Lift blog to allow businesses stay up-to-date on mobile storage solutions.

“We offer the only patented no-tilt lift on the market,” says Horizontal Lift Owner and Inventor Jack Johnson, who explains that his company offers the best lift in the mobile storage market. “Not only is it simple to operate, extremely durable, and well built, but it is also free of burdensome fees so the operator takes home more of their own earnings.”

According to Johnson, operators will increase profits by 5 to 10% since there are no franchise or dealership fees. “More versatility and adaptability equals increased business performance,” he says. “Our lift is easy and safe to operate. And it is engineered to give you the best performance available.

The new website was launched with the help of Linkmedia360, a digital marketing agency that creates and implements comprehensive lead generation programs using digital, social, mobile and traditional media channels. For more information, please visit the website at www.horizontallift.com or call (678)-929-5332. You may also contact the company by email at Michael@horizontallift.com or Jack@horizontallift.com.

About Horizontal Lift Co.

Horizontal Lift Company offers a durable, horizontal lift system for mobile storage operators. This patented lift is adaptable to most mobile storage containers on the market with no franchise or licensing fees required.  For more information, please visit: www.horizontallift.com

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