MiniCC Storage (self-storage) Shanghai Offers Tips For Renters


    MiniCC_Storage_signature_02MiniCC Storage (self-storage) Shanghai is the largest and most experienced self-storage provider in Shanghai ( After 5 years in China (and 15 years in Europe – we operate 37 facilities in Europe we have gained a lot of experience in the local market and try to provide the best service in the Shanghai. MiniCC is here for the long term expanding with multiple facilities. Pudong FacilityMiniCC self-storage Shanghai owns and operates multiple storage facilities in Shanghai. We offer storage units in a various sizes ranging from 1m³ lockers to 50m² (2.6m high) storage units. For businesses, self-storage is an alternative to owning or leasing expensive space; self-storage helps to free up the work space and focus on the core business. Our tip to anyone renting self-storage in China:

    • Choose a provider who owns the property not a provider who rents the property. Rental providers in Shanghai have closed down causing losses to clients who pre-paid rental and also left costumer belongings unattended once shut. Our advice: do not risk it. Choose an owner of property and not a renter if you want security and stability.
    • Some providers convert areas which are not warehouse authorized into storage and operate it with the risk of being shut down. Basements for example in China do not have a property deed therefore using those as storage is illegal as they are common areas owned by all landlords. This is a grey area. Our advice: do not risk it! Choose a big provider vs. small one, and one were property usage is warehousing.
    • Website/Reality Check: Go and visit before you choose your storage provider – especially in places where there are no market standards yet it is extremely important to visit the place you want to store – Websites and Reality differences are huge and in some cases you will be surprised. Our advice: do not risk it: visit a couple of providers and make your choice on what you see in on your visit and not on what you hear and see on a website.
    Puxi Facility 1We hope that those simple tips about self-storage in China make it easier for people to identify the right choice for them.]]>


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