Would you like to show your customers exactly how much space they need?


    Would you like to show your customers exactly how much space they need? With Calcumate, it couldn’t be simpler.

     Our 3D storage calculator answers that question instantly, without them needing to leave your website at any point.

    ***Special Offer***

    For the month of February, we’re offering a 90-day free trial

    Sign-up to Calcumate before the 28th February and we’ll give you three months to try our storage calculator on your website absolutely free!

    We’re certain your customers will love it, but we’d rather you see that for yourself. Click the link below to start building your own, fully customised version of Calcumate.

    It only takes 6 simple steps to setup and can be up and running on your website within 10 minutes!

    How Calcumate Helps You

    A Smart Tool

    Using a series of complex algorithms, Calcumate is built to estimate storage space requirements quickly and accurately. Not only that, but it’s designed to look like your website and fit seamlessly into your customer sign-up journey.

    A Sales Assistant

    Receive a lot of phone inquiries? Calcumate is your Sales teams’ new best friend. Once the caller has listed what they’re looking to store, your team member can use Calcumate to accurately quote the amount of storage they need in seconds.

    A Lead Generator

    Coming soon – your website visitors will be able to email themselves their own personalised loading plan. The plan shows them the best way to pack their storage unit, while providing you with the email address of an engaged website visitor.

    Get Setup In 10 Minutes

    Choose your own unit sizes, the items that can be stored and even add your own company colours.We bundle all your choices into one short code snippet, which can be copied and pasted onto any website.Users can then see Calcumate on your site, which retrieves the calculation in seconds from our global servers.


    How about a quick demo?

    Book a 30-minute video call with us and we’ll run you through how easy it is to get Calcumate setup and onto your website.


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