Orange County storage unit. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the investigation began after men were seen discarding stolen car parts in a dumpster on private property in July. ChopShop3The case took a twist when a trailer carrying a Honda Civic race car was stolen from a Radisson hotel in east Orange County. Deputies said Concepcion Picart-Rivas, 29, and Christian Lopez-Rodriguez, 23, took the trailer using a stolen U-Haul truck. Detectives said after further investigation, ChopShop1 2they learned the stolen race car was taken to a unit at Safestor Self Storage on Aloma Avenue. The Sheriff’s Office said deputies moved in after conducting surveillance on the unit. “We could see and hear people moving around inside, using tools, sounded like they were cutting up a car,” said Cpl. Tim Nazzaro with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies told Channel 9 they could also smell marijuana coming from the unit, which was actually three units being used as one. “When we first challenged them they closed the door and tried to barricade themselves in, and after about five minutes they decided that was not their best avenue,” said Nazzaro. Inside, investigators said they located pieces of the race car stolen from the hotel. The vehicle’s engine and transmission are still missing. “In all, we found bits and pieces of cars from about a dozen stolen vehicle cases,” said Nazzaro. Picart-Rivas and Lopez-Rodriguez were arrested and are being held at the Orange County Jail on no bond.]]>


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