Another Storage Santa Sighting!


    santa03With Christmas quickly approaching, Santa Claus is expected to be seen at malls, toy stores, or maybe even at a library—anywhere children typically go to see the jolly old guy. Santa, however, was never expected to be seen at a storage facility, which is why recent footage from multiple facilities across the country have a lot of people wondering what’s going on. It all began with someone posting cell phone footage of a man with a white beard wearing red pants and the suspenders to match quickly running away from a storage unit. Originally, people thought it was a joke or misunderstanding, perhaps a mall Santa who just didn’t want to be seen. Those thoughts all changed once security footage was leaked of the same man at multiple facilities across the country, all within several hours of each other. That’s when the witnesses came out. Once videos were made available, one eyewitness reported seeing Santa during a late night visit to her storage unit. While that alone is worth thinking about, a number of storage facility operators admitted to having been approached by associates of the North Pole for a storage unit rental that would be used during the Christmas season to help with gift delivery, though negotiations apparently fell through due to Santa’s high demands. And if that wasn’t enough to prove Santa’s secret storage units, an elf going by the name Pickle has come forward in an interview admitting it’s all true. While she’s keeping her real identity a secret, Pickle reveals all 12 of Santa’s demands, from requiring a climate-controlled storage unit to having pine-scented beard oil on hand during his stop. To read the full story, visit]]>


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