Apple Self Storage Fires Up Its Third-Party Management Program


    Apple Self Storage has announced its intention to continue growth with renewed investment and the recent hiring of David Allan as Business Development Manager for Apple Self Storage Management. Apple Self Storage Management is a Third Party Self Storage Management Platform launched by Apple Self Storage to bring Apple’s management and experience to independently owned self storage facilities. David’s experience in providing customer solutions to the service industry will be a benefit to current clients and those who will become part of the Apple success story.

    Apple has built, acquired, or converted over 30 facilities in the past 15 years. It currently owns and operates 15 self storage facilities with 3 under third party management in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This third party management initiative will enable the company to offer its strong management platform to owners of facilities who want or need to be more competitive in the fast-changing environment of storage or who no longer want to be involved in the daily operation of their facility but do not wish to sell. Apple has made a significant investment in social media and the internet and is now experiencing monthly gains in reservations, rentals, and other customer interactions though this new electronic portal.

    “Our clients will increase revenues, share expenses and become more competitive using the Apple Self Storage Management platform,” says Michael Naoum, General Manager, Apple Self Storage.

    About Apple Self Storage

    Apple Self Storage is based in Aurora, Ontario. In 1999, Scott, Jeff and Phil Allan started their business when they bought and developed their first facility in Toronto after a successful career as partners in the technology world. They have built, developed or acquired over 30 facilities, including their first one 40 years years ago in Dunnville, Ontario! Apple is committed to a great customer experience and providing a wonderful work environment for associates, including an annual awards banquet at its year-end training session for all front line staff. Safe, Secure and Sensible is the Apple Self Storage way. For more information, please visit:

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