AZSA Webinar New Benefit for AZSA Owner/Operators: Access to Radius+ Data


    AZSA is launching anew benefit for Owner/Operators:
    Access to Radius + Data

    Members who are Owner/Operators, Small Facilities, and Prospective Owners will receive 6 credits per facility (1 credit = 1 hours on the Radius+ database). These credits can be used on the Radius+ platform to


    • Investigate competition in your market segment
    • Analyze new supply coming online
    • Access demographic data to aid operational decisions, such as how to better target marketing material for specific groups of prospective renters
    • Use demographic data to drive expansion, acquisition, or development plans, such as proximity to multi-family housing
    • Employ market intelligence to drive unit pricing.

    In this webinar, Theresa Gallas will describe how AZSA members can access this new benefit and how to use the Radius+ datasets to make more informed decisions to increase revenue and value for your self-storage business.


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