Big Yellow Self Storage Helps Create Storage for Farleigh Hospice


    Big Yellow’s Romford Store Managers have spent the day at Farleigh Hospice this week, helping the maintenance team prepare for some new and much needed storage space. Arriving in the morning they split into two teams to make the most out of the day, with one team painting fence posts while the other prepared the ground for a new shed base they were building in the afternoon. After a quick break they carried on the hard work by putting a frame in place for the shed and filling it with concrete, ready for further volunteers to build on in the next few weeks. Farleigh Hospice cares for people with life limiting illnesses. They provide personal support for every individual who needs it whether they are living at home or in the hospice. Without the help of the Big Yellow Self Storage they would have had to spend funds that could be better used elsewhere on hiring builders and we are proud to have volunteered for such a worthy cause. For more information and to help support Farleigh Hospice please visit Farleigh Hospice.

    (via Big Yellow Self Storage)



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