Crazy Tuesday: The Black Friday Of The Storing And Moving Business Happens On May 29th


    The self storage industry gears up for “Crazy Tuesday” and the start to the busiest moving and self storage time of the year. When most people think of Memorial Day Weekend, images of backyard barbecues, trips to the lake or the Indianapolis 500. For the self storage industry however, Memorial Day Weekend has become the busiest time of the year. With school years ending, the end of May/beginning of June has become the most popular time for people to move, and consequently it has become the time of the year when storage units are in the most demand. The upswing in business has become so pronounced in fact that many within the industry have taken to referring to the day after Memorial Day as “Crazy Tuesday” (much like the day after Thanksgiving Day has become “Black Friday” for retail businesses). Tron Jordheim, StorageMart spokesperson explains, “Crazy Tuesday is when the season starts for the self-storage industry and when self-storage owners begin to see a profit. Crazy Tuesday is the day where we have the biggest call volume of the year in our self-storage call center. We’ll have the largest number of website visitors to our website, and our locations will be very busy. Over the entire Memorial Day weekend, most truck rental locations will be sold out and storage places may also be sold out of many sizes of units.” This increase in demand can leave some customers seeking storage at the last moment before a move scrambling for options when their preferred location, size or type of unit is unavailable. Because of the increased volume in demand for not only storage units, but moving vans and moving supplies, Jordheim recommends the following five tips for taking some of the stress out of moving.

    •     Plan you move in full ahead of time
    •     Try scheduling your move on an off-peak weekend.
    •     Begin staging your move ahead of time by making use of a storage unit.
    •     Set aside a room in your home as your packing area, where moving preparation can   be done at a reasonable pace.
    •     Mark your packed boxes clearly to help make the unpacking process much easier.
    Following these simple guidelines will help make the process of moving, which will never be entirely stress-free, go much more smoothly by avoiding the hectic atmosphere that has become Crazy Tuesday in the self storage and moving industries. (via PRWeb)]]>


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