E-SoftSys Releases New Version of CRM Module – e-CRM 4.0

127371E-SoftSysTM, developer of Self Storage ManagerTM – one of the leading management software programs for the self-storage industry, announced the release of a new version of their fully integrated Customer Relationship Management Module – e-CRM 4.0, incorporating several new features and tight integration with their Call Tracker module. E-SoftSys e-CRM application is currently used by several multi-facility operators in USA and Canada. e-CRM generated over 200,000 leads in 2013 through Inquiries and Reservations for the Top Operators in the self-storage industry, who use E-SoftSys products. In the first six months of 2014, e-CRM has already generated over 280,000 leads for several large multi-facility operators.

The e-CRM 4.0 version incorporates a number of enhancements including:

  • Constant Contact® email marketing Integration that allows exporting of e-CRM contacts data to Constant Contact so that email campaigns can be conducted to all contacts, including prospects and existing tenants, with the ability to track the campaign responses within e-CRM.
  • Integration to Call Tracker module to initiate calls to prospects or tenants directly from the e-CRM application, with the ability to record the calls. In addition, call center manager will have the ability to listen to call recordings of past calls for quality assurance purposes.
  • Enhanced Email Drip Campaign functionality to send automated emails to existing tenants at various stages such as after move-in, on payment receipt, after move-out etc.
  • Comprehensive Truck Reservation module with the ability to track truck availability and offer truck reservations while reserving/renting a unit from e-CRM.
  • Improved Collection Calls function with the ability to send emails to past due tenants using pre-defined templates.
  • Comprehensive reporting on leads and lead to rental conversions.
  • Maintain complete trail of all email communications sent to tenants and prospects.
  • Interface to QlikViewTM, a third-party business intelligence and analytics software to perform valuable data analytics and to spot trends that assist in decision making.
  • Ability view Tenant Alerts such as upcoming Rent Raise, Blacklisted Tenant. Delinquency etc.
  • Enhanced Demographics tracking.

e-CRM application was introduced to the self-storage industry over 7 years ago and was developed from the ground up to meet the unique requirements of the multi-facility storage operators. e-CRM has been a huge success and is currently assisting several multi-facility operators to reduce the cost per lead and manage each incoming lead through conversion to rental. e-CRM is very beneficial to those operators who do not have an in-house programming team to customize ‘off the shelf’ CRM packages or to develop a custom CRM application to meet their needs. e-CRM module allows storage operators to track and manage larger number of leads with less people, while providing quick access to customer info, pricing details, specials and unit availability. It also provides the ability to track leads from various sources and measure the ROI on each advertisement campaign. Additionally, with e-CRM, storage operators are able to quickly handle any customer related incidents and provide better customer service, which in turn leads to increase in customer retention and higher occupancy levels.

About E-SoftSys

E-SoftSys, a technology leader for the self-storage industry, offers products and services that include; Self Storage ManagerComprehensive management software for single and multi-facility operators; e-CRM – Fully integrated Customer Relationship Management module with interfaces to leading phone systems and an optional Call Tracker interface to capture valuable statistics including lead to rental conversion ratios, cost per lead etc.; Other Modules – Online Reservations, Rentals & Payments, INSOMNIACTM Kiosk interface, QlikViewTM Business Intelligence and Analytics, Mobile Website, XPS Integration, G5 Integration, Late2Lien Integration, PayNearMeTM and StorageTreasuresTM integration, iPadTM/Tablet-based Site Audit and Walk Through module etc.; 24/7 Customer Support with Dedicated Team and Project Manager assigned for large operator implementations; Training Videos Over 300 Training Videos are available to customers, where a customer can choose any function in Self Storage Manager or e-CRM and get instant training on that topic.

Self Storage Manager has been implemented by many single and multi-facility companies in North AmericaSouth AmericaEurope, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please contact E-SoftSys at 800-469-1740 Ext. 1, or by visitingwww.selfstoragemanager.com or Click here to email us.

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