Easy Storage Solutions Voted The Top Management Software Company Gains Momentum As Best Web-Based Software For Independent Operators


    Easy Storage Solutions is proud to announce that they have been ranked as the top solution for web-based self storage software for small to medium sized independent operators by Software Advice, a third-party website that evaluates and ranks software programs for all types of businesses.

    After successfully breaking into the self-storage software market in 2009, Easy Storage Solutions has continually worked at being the best web-based software solution for smaller operators. “We are extremely excited at the direction and growth of our company,” says Easy Storage Solutions founder and CEO, James Sorenson. “We have been working tirelessly for a few years now at becoming the best solution for independent operators.”

    According to Sorenson, the company and its program are unique because of the personalized attention to the client. “We just help out where we can,” he says. “There is almost nothing we won’t do to help our clients be successful. In a world now days where businesses are more worried about how much money they are going to make, it is hard to find a company that is making decisions based on what is best for their clients. This is what Easy Storage is doing, will continue to do, and is what we feel is the biggest part to our success.”

    For more information about Easy Storage’s ranking on Software Advice, please visit https://www.softwareadvice.com. For more information about Easy Storage Solutions, visit www.easystoragesolutions.net.

    About Easy Storage Solutions

    Easy Storage Solutions is a complete web-based self storage software solution for small to medium sized independent operators. The Easy Storage Software is the only web-based self storage software that comes with a website for the facility. This website is seamlessly integrated with the management software and allows the facility to take payments online, and rent or reserve units online. The ESS Software is one of the only programs that can be used on an iPad or Mac computer and can be accessed from almost any device like smart phones and tablets.



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