Employee Training Programs Help Drive Business Success


    103801628-1-300x200Employee performance is a critical component in the success of any business. For self-storage operators, employees may be the differentiating factor that elevates a facility above the competition. Given its importance, employee performance should be monitored and measured. Planned leadership development and skills training programs are important tools for any self-storage operation. The types of training a business may offer could range from leadership development and management training to activities that enhance specific skills such as sales, safety and loss control, customer service, and human resources. A suggested first step is to evaluate skills using an assessment tool. There are many to be found online as well as in printed training materials and other sources. Assessments help managers and supervisors understand individual strengths and weaknesses and will assist in developing a focused training program for each staff member. When it comes to selecting training resources, the choices are numerous. Online training videos are available for free on YouTube, and many outlets offer live and on-demand webinars at no charge. Free electronic newsletters are also available on a multitude of training topics.

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