England Van Lines to Offer New Mobile Storage Units


    England Van Lines has offered top-notch storage options over the years, but they will soon take the concept one step further by offering climate controlled 12 foot storage capsules that can be attached to privately owned vehicles. This option is much like options offered by self-moving companies, but England Van Lines understands that some clients do not always want to trust a moving company with their most cherished possessions. This move is meant to be a compromise between the two sides of the industry.

    Cross country moving and storage options have been somewhat limited in this regard, as typical moving companies prefer to do all the work themselves. This helps reduce the number of complicated complaints and damage claims that can occur when inventory is handled by both the movers and the client without proper procedure being followed when the inventory changes hands.

    A spokesperson for England Van Lines supplied a few additional details on why the new option was thought necessary. “Moving procedures aren’t always so cut and dry, and with the introduction of several new technologies that make wireless hotspots more available across the country, clients are beginning to take IT relocation into their own hands. We’ve realized that this delicate relocation process isn’t always adequately handled by untrained hands, and so we’re trying to introduce new methods that make it a bit easier, should clients decide to do it themselves.”

    Three types of cross country moving and storage capsules will be offered when the new option is introduced at the end of the month. One is a simple storage capsule with no additional features. The second capsule is climate controlled in the event that certain clients are moving materials that require certain temperature specifications to be met. The third grants a wireless hotspot that allows IT equipment to remain operational, and helps clients keep it easily monitored through the introduction of internal CPU.

    The introduction of these capsules in addition to traditional moving methods is a step toward making the company even more competitive toward self-moving companies, and focus groups have so far suggested that customers appreciate the compromise between self-moving and commercial moving options.

    More information on the new capsules will become available at the company website shortly before introduction to market: https://englandvanlines.com/. Details on other specialized services offered by England Van Lines can be found in their regularly updated blog or by viewing the gallery.

    About England Van Lines

    England Van Lines understands the multi-dimensions of the moving experience, and strives to perfect it. Whether your move is local or long distance, residential or commercial; we are excited to be there for you. As a full-service moving company, we make attention to detail our highest priority. Whether you require packing, crating, storage or just plain transportation- our movers are all expertly trained. We know that your personal property has an emotional value to it, and we guarantee that to all your items will be treated with the utmost care and respect. From that modem at the office you’ve had forever, to the Gallé vase- our movers know how to properly pad, package, and handle the delicate relocation of these items. For more information, please visit: https://englandvanlines.com

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