Everything you wanted to know about kiosk, call center and online performance…


    Everything you wanted to know about kiosk, call center and online performance but were too busy running your storage business to ask.

    Every day, OpenTech connects thousands of tenants with storage companies around the world.With over 4,000 daily transactions, the company’s automated products and services helped self-storage managers move-in over 100,000 tenants in 2014, yielding an estimated $100 million to companies using OpenTech Alliance solutions. In addition, the INSOMNIAC™ kiosk, call center and online solutions assisted Store Managers in collecting 489,431 customer payments, while serving over 1.3 million self storage customers in 2014. The 2015 Self-Service White Paper highlights a number of self storage business trends, customer case studies, and valuable data to illustrate key points of the study.
    What you’ll learn from this research:
    • Discover the strategies other storage businesses have put in place to tackle next generation renters and see just how far their business processes have evolved
    • Kiosk comparisons for benchmarking individual results of all kiosks installed provides an in-depth look at how your onsite technology is performing
    • Data on the AASR (Average Annual Sales Return) of OpenTech products will reveal how self-storage owners can evaluate efficiencies and returns on investing in self-service technology
    • Comprehensive caller data and the conversion rates of store managers using OpenTech’s Self Storage Call Center
    • Case Studies about operators who are bundling INSOMNIAC solutions to impact facility valuation
    • Analyze the objectives self-storage owners are able to achieve by integrating self-service sales & service channels into their operation
    This is the 7th year OpenTech will be demonstrating their core value of Transparency by sharing their transaction data with the industry.  Reliable market analysis is essential for any self-storage professional looking to incorporate automated technology into their business-whether you own a single facility or multiple facilities across the U.S. The 2015 Self Service Technology White Paper is available for download by clicking the button below.
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