From The MSM Archive: Climate-Controlled Self-Storage: Tracking The Trends By Collen Laing


    As the storage industry matures and becomes more competitive, the needs of clients are developing into a variety of specific niches including those that require controlled climates. Today, storage serves business clients storing samples and stock, medical offices requiring data storage and retrieval, antiques dealers with delicate inventory, and others with similarly specific storage needs. The more climate control is available, the more customers are aware of its benefits and begin to expect or require it. According to Mike Hayes, president of Tech-Fast Metal Systems, climate control is, “A differentiator from the competition in a lot of cases. So many facilities were built [without climate control] in the first 20 years of the market, if you are in a market with three or four of those you are in a good position to grab that client.” Many mainstream storage renters are aware of climate control and expect to find this option offered. Storage facilities that do have climate control may scare prospective clients away from non-climate-controlled storage with tales of warping furniture and moldy banker boxes. As the industry’s competitiveness increases, climate control is an increasingly important strategy for keeping up with competitors and exploiting niche markets. Click Here to Read More…..]]>


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