From The MSM Archives: An Add On Business That Makes Dollars and Sense By John Smith


    My dad had the same pair of shoes for years. “Why would I throw out a good pair of shoes and buy a new pair when I can get these resoled for ten bucks?” I think he resoled those shoes 20 times. Today, we are encouraged to buy, to accumulate; things are built in such a way that we need to buy again. We have lots of stuff. Most of the time, it isn’t a big issue. But it becomes a big problem really fast when there’s a fire or flood, when we are moving, when we are faced with settling an estate, when we need to renovate. Those few cardboard boxes just don’t cut it any more.

    As everyone in the business knows, the storage industry grew from the casual notion of storing a few items for a friend in your barn, to the concept of fixed bricks and mortar storage facilities. Let’s just say the concept took off in the New Millennium and according to the Self Storage Association’s industry fact sheet, there are approximately 59,500 self storage facilities worldwide as of the fourth quarter 2012; there are more than 3,000 in Canada.

    The Portable Evolution Back in 1998, a man named Peter Warhurst in the U.S. wondered about expanding his storage business. He tilted his head and looked at fixed storage in a different way. What about renting portable units of varying sizes that could be delivered to the customer and either left there or brought back to the company facility. He started Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) and became the first mobile storage billionaire. Everyone has used acronyms since then, maybe hoping for that same phenomenal success.

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