From The MSM Archives: Are You Protected? Understanding Credit Card And Identity Theft By Elizabeth Ferrin

In spite of all the best state-of-the-art security, thieves can still find their way into the inner workings of this self-storage business. These criminals are especially alarming because they don’t actually need to step foot on the property. They are not looking to break into units to take valuables or steal vehicles from the parking lot. Instead, they proceed to commit a crime that will potentially cost big money for the store and its customers. They can commit this crime from the comfort of their own homes, with only a computer. It takes only a single key stroke and the click of a mouse for these thieves to gain access to the self-storage facility’s computer network, and proceed to steal credit card numbers and personal information from tenant files. In an instant, this highly secure facility falls victim to credit card and identity theft. Credit card and ID theft is currently a growing problem in the U.S., are you protected?

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