From The MSM Archives: Getting Past the Obvious Are You More Than What the Eye Can See? By Tron Jordheim


    When people drive by your facility, what do they think? If they notice you at all, they probably think, “Oh, there is a place to leave my stuff if I ever need to do that.” But do they think, “That is where I go if need a helpful person to help me figure out how to pack my stuff, move correctly and preserve my memories. That is the place with the rental truck, the mattress pads and the helpful staff?” Probably not. People tend to form an opinion based on appearances. The challenge for all of us is to get past the obvious and the superficial so people can see some of the added services and added value you offer them. You may not be too impressed with the storage business. After all you see storage units every day. You are too close to the situation. I was at a conference of authors recently and found it interesting that several of the people there had used self-storage. One lady was a widow and had written a book that would help people deal with the grief of losing a loved one. She told me how a storage company had been very helpful to her. She lived in the house she had shared with her husband for about three years after he passed. Then she met someone new and wanted to try to live a new life. She moved in with her new beau and things went well for a while. Then things changed, as they sometimes do, and she had to move out in a hurry. She was fortunate to pick a self-storage place that offered her a truck and some helpers. They helped her move and get her things in storage quickly, efficiently and without any problems. The people who ran the storage place were very helpful and understanding of her situation. They advised her to use a climate controlled unit to protect her furniture from the elements, and she was very satisfied with her experience. Click Here To Read More… ]]>


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