From The MSM Archives: GREEN POWER: Is A Solar Photovoltaic System In Your Future? By Mike Perry


    Before you discard the idea of solar, take the time to evaluate the pros and cons. I have always believed that if one does a good research job, the correct decision will become apparent. I’ll admit that it is difficult for me to conserve power because I love power. I could always identify with Tim Allen on “Home Improvement” and his quest for more power. I enjoy the sweet throaty sound of a built V-8 engine, but I also enjoy saving money. And I want to save money without giving up power. According to the Mini-Storage Messenger, the operating cost of a self-storage is almost 50 percent more in the western states. Additionally, this utility cost represents about eight percent of the annual opera- tional expense. What is significant is that the cost for electricity has increased more than 20 percent in the last three years. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my electric utility bill represents about 75 percent of my annual utility expense. I believe I can say, with a relatively good degree of confidence, that the cost of electric power will not decrease in the near future. When we consider the escalating requirements due to popu- lation and industry, the electrical demand growth is probably understandable. The cost of electricity most likely will continue to increase at five to 10 percent per year. This increase is to not only cover the cost of fuel, but also additional transmission lines and generating plants to meet our increasing demand. In our business, the additional revenue to cover this expense must either come from a tenant rent increase or from the profit. Personally, I don’t like either choice. Click Here to Read More ….


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