From The MSM Archives: Learning the Basics of Sales By Tron Jordheim


    Now that you are ready to get your selling culture moving in the right direction, you will need some specific instruction on the art and science of sales. Some of this may seem like the same old speech on sales that you have heard before, but chances are you need to hear it again. If you are a golfer, you know that you need to always work on your game and review fundamentals. Why should sales be any different?

    In this article I hope to bring you some basic selling skills that you can use no matter what you sell, no matter what you do, because you are always selling something—if not just yourself, your ideas, your desires, your products, your services. So Sales 101 should bring you some of the basic sales skills that successful salespeople use every day.

    The first rule of selling is this: You can’t sell anyone anything. You can however help people talk themselves into buying just about anything.

    Read the first rule of selling again. No, really, go back and read it again.

    If this rule is true, then learning to sell is all about helping people talk themselves into buying from you. Okay, read on.

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