From The MSM Archives: Planning For Success How To Make More Money In Self-Storage By RK Kliebenstein


    There are really only three ways to make more money in self-storage, or in any business for that matter.     They are: 1. Increase sales revenue. 2. Decrease expenses. 3.Create equity. Many self-storage operators run a pretty tight ship and would be hard pressed to greatly decrease expenses. Many of the expenses in self-storage are somewhat beyond our control as owners to reduce expenses. For example, insurance costs and property taxes, which can be two of the larger line items, are often not much within our control or ability to reduce these expenses. We rely on professionals such as tax consultants and tax attorneys to review our property tax bills and make certain that an appeal is filed when warranted and necessary.Our insurance agent or broker should be managing the insurance account to shop the policy at the time of renewal and to make sure that our coverages are adequate as the business grows. Click Here To Read More….]]>


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