From The MSM Archives: Security And Technology Do You Have The Right Combination? By David Essman


    Planning a self-storage business? Maybe you’re building one, or maybe you’re renovating a property with the intention of bringing it up to date. One of the areas you might want to explore will be the latest in security technology. There are many modern day options available with varying degrees of complexity, features, and costs. This available technology has not only come a long way in the last decade, but in the past few years as well. Why invest in security technology for your self-storage property? Security for self-storage can be as simple as a lock on a tenant’s unit door, all the way up to a sophisticated camera system with all the bells and whistles. But what are the real reasons you might need and want a security system?

    First, you’ve invested several years of your life and millions of dollars in constructing this property. It’s your livelihood and you need to protect it. Second, the most common reason is to protect your tenant’s property stored at your place of business. Third, and maybe the most important of all, although one not always thought of, is the protection and well being of your tenants and managers who are on the property at any given time. Fourth, from a marketing standpoint, you might need some security in place to compete with your nearest competitors. Having gone over a few popular reasons why, let’s look at a few options available to secure your business.

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