From The MSM Archives: The Trend In Drive-Through Facilities By Sharon Naylor


    The concept of a drive-through self-storage facility is attracting a lot of attention from customers. “You mean, I can drive into the building and unload my stuff with a roof over my head?”

    The attraction is immediate, especially when a drive-through facility offers other enticing attractions such as state-of-the-art security measures and climate-control, among other perks such as Wi-fi capabilities on the grounds. We’re seeing a growing wave of interest in drive-through facilities, as customers learn that their self-storage needs can be combined with comfort. That wasn’t always the case with earlier models of outdoor-access metal bays in a bare-bones lot that made customers feel uncomfortable … and perhaps made them not stick around very long.

    The self-storage industry has moved convenience, comfort, and climate-control to the top of their values list, and the drive-through facility grows more attractive each day. Here’s why:

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