From The MSM Archives: Training Right! Five Tools For An Effective Training Program By Debbie Jirasek

So you’ve found someone who you think will make a terrific on-site manager. Great! But now you have to put that person into a comprehensive and well thought out training program, even if he/she has previous experience in self-storage management.

On-site managers have a tough job and they need all the help that they can get. People can’t deliver their full potential if all they are given is a phone, a computer, some basic instructions, and a pat on the back.

Let’s talk a minute about the “tough job.” People in a site manager position need to know how to convert that telephone or e-mail inquiry into a rental contract. They need to know how to negotiate rates when necessary. They need to know how to deal with delinquent tenants. They need to know how to deal with maintenance issues, cranky customers, and serious emergencies. The list is long!

Assuming you have hired the right person, then you have to teach that person how you want them to handle all aspects of the job. Training requires time and tools. There are five basic tools involved in setting up an effective training program. These are designed to bring a new on-site manager quickly up to speed. The following describes five tools that will help you successfully complete a full training schedule.

The Training And Reference Manual

The first tool is a comprehensive training and reference manual. The manual should describe all of a manager’s job responsibilities with specific steps and examples. As a management company with 40 employees, this manual is our main point of reference and creates operational consistency for all of the properties we manage.

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