From The MSM Archives: Training That Lasts A Lifetime A Management Case Study By M. Anne Ballard


    One would think that with the millions of dollars we pour into a new Class A storage facility—and all the time it takes to get through entitlement, planning, zoning, and construction—the ongoing training and education of the manager, who will be in charge of these millions of dollars worth of real estate, would be a given. My experience has shown this is sometimes not the case; but, thankfully, this lack of support is not the norm.

    Nevertheless, it is sometimes easier in the short run for an owner to hire individuals with storage experience, give them the keys, and hope they do a good job (at least until they can get someone else). Just trying to keep all the plates spinning can lead us to make poor hiring decisions or to continue to employ those who are not right for the job and not willing to change.

    While we often discuss the importance of the aphorism, “Hire for attitude and train for skill,” this obviously implies that training will be provided. Although the hiring process can be arduous, with background checks, reference checks, and skills and achievements reviewed and vetted, we must remember that we cannot train someone to have a good and willing attitude. You either have it or you don’t. The hiring process is only the starting point. It is up to all of us as storage professionals to continue bringing new methodology, techniques, and learning scenarios to our teams of great managers.

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