From The Self-Storage Now! Archives: Don't Be Good …. Be Remarkable! By Mark Goodin


    We are always looking for the next big marketing success idea. Successful marketing is not about any specific marketing idea or tool but rather doing everything in such a way that your self-storage business stands out as being “remarkable.” As the word implies, being remarkable means people are talking about you. What are you doing that is worth making a remark about? Being “very good” is not going to work—it’s expensive, will get you ignored, and will set you up for failure. You can spend thousands even tens of thousands on marketing and be ignored by the average person. Being remarkable is often free or inexpensive.

    I often hear that self-storage is not sexy. If we believe this, we’ll continue to market an average product for the average person and our ads will be ignored. Marketing is not about fullpage ads, one more Facebook entry, or another tweet. No one cares that you are “the best,” have “great customer service,” or are “ready to help” with all their storage needs. Being safe and doing what everyone else is doing will be very risky in 2013.

    First, you have to sell to people who are listening. This is not the average person or the average self-storage customer. Sell to innovators, early adaptors, people who are currently renting from you, and people in your community who love or appreciate the exceptional. They will tell everyone else about you. Don’t be boring! Figure out what people want, or better yet, love, and give it to them. People don’t want self-storage. They want to be loved and appreciated. They want different, unusual, funny, and the unexpected. There are several ways your self-storage facility can be remarkable.

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