GOOD NEWS! By Eric Seidel 10 Rules for Successful Media Interviews By Eric Seidel


    television_interview,_broadcast_news_CoolClips_vc005995Much of the business world still seems uncomfortable cozying up to the idea of interacting with the news media. The explosion of boutique business media outlets and organizations (e.g., CNBC, Bloomberg, Crains publications, and the network of 40-plus American Cities Business Journals, etc.) over the last 15-plus years, coupled with many more Americans playing the market, have helped to stoke and satiate the growing demand for information.

    Yet many business people still regard talking to the media as a fate worse than death. First, they try “no comment,” which is an ill advised technique in any situation. But, if the company has to talk, they often march out the company mouthpiece (either an in-house or hired public relations person) to be the lightning rod. No question there is risk involved. But there’s plenty of upside, too, even in times of crisis—if you’re prepared.

    Preparation and experience might even convince you of what I hold to be true: being proactive with the media—including trade press that covers your industry—has great potential in enhancing your image and position in the minds of crucial audiences, such as customers and prospects. Done well, it can be much more powerful than paid advertising.

    After many years of covering news, and now years preparing executives to deal with reporters, I’ve found there are 10 solid rules to help guide you.

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