Guest Post: A PERFECT EMPLOYEE ? By Kevin Rollings


    Minico2Staffing is one of the biggest challenges a self storage facility owner will have. Where is the perfect manager? What are the traits of this manager? Well, we all know that perfection can be a goal, but not a real life possibility. We all have flaws. So, how do we minimize this to get the best possible manager?

    Let’s build a manager, what skills do we need for our manager to possess? This is like building an avatar for an on line game isn’t it? Oh, if it was that simple. Let’s see, I want the following skills in my manager:

    • Retail professional
    • Tech Friendly
    • Customer service
    • Able to understand a P&L statement
    • Accountable for their actions

    To help get down this path and sort through the applicants let’s choose the 5 resumes that seem to fit the above criteria. Then let’s conduct a screening test mostly concentrating on aptitude and common sense. From there we will narrow it down to our 3 best candidates. I think a background check is essential to making the final choice. This person will be handling your company and your future.

    Staffing will always be a challenge. No matter the person you hire they will not satisfy all the business needs you envision, however they should be able to deliver the needs of your facility with the proper training and understanding of what your needs and expectations are for the facility.

    About Kevin Rollings & Self-Storage Facility Management

    Kevin R. Rollings is a Teacher, an Owner and an Operations Manager for Self-Storage Facilities! Kevin has over 25 years rental experience at various levels of management and ownership in the rental niche.

    Kevin was the regional supervisor for Scott Meyers, the past owner of Alcatraz Storage’s in the Indianapolis Greater Areas. Kevin was often a speaker at Scott Meyer’s Self Storage Academy as the key speaker for Management 101 and for Self Storage Auctions. His wisdom and excitement for the industry lead Kevin to purchase Alcatraz Storage in Brownsburg, Indiana, moving him from a once manager to a current owner!

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