Guest Post: Going Independent or Going Go Mini’s By Michael Lohman


    Going into business for yourself has always been known to be a risky venture. One way to enter entrepreneurship is to start your own business or buy into an existing one. Another is to choose the franchising model and buy into a proven system with a known brand name and large network of operators. Each path has its own promise, as well as perils. Once the choice is made, the question becomes what type of business do you really want?

    Passion and enthusiasm are obvious ingredients in steering a business from startup to success. Many customers of their favorite sub shop or pizza place think, “I’d love to own one of these!” That is, until they realize they’re not cut out for retail, managing teenagers, or spending 60 or 70+ hours a week in their new restaurant for a year or two…or three. Choosing a business and a business model should be a business decision. “After all, you’re in to make money, right?”

    Go Mini’s Moving & Portable Storage is one of those unique types of businesses that provides that proven franchise system that most entrepreneurs seek.  It’s a franchise system that doesn’t require many employees to operate and allows you to work from your home or an office. What makes Go Mini’s really unique is the fact the company is owned and operated by existing franchisees, a true entrepreneurial culture like no other. The system that was created by its owners over the last few years empowers new operators to think “outside the box” and be creative when operating in their local territories. We like to think of ourselves as a new kind of franchise system where the franchisor and franchisee get to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with the same goal in mind investing and building a better future.

    There are numerous other benefits that come with a owning a Go Mini’s franchise. First, we can help do- it-yourself customers avoid the hassle and the expense of renting a truck—not to mention the anxiety of driving a large vehicle. Storage renters can make fewer trips with their belongings, taking extra care with their sometimes fragile goods. Moreover, portable self-storage users can pack at their own pace, while avoiding the need to carry heavy boxes and bulky furniture up ramps and into moving trucks. In addition, once goods are in storage, these customers don’t have to make even a single visit to the storage facility, unless, of course, they need to add or remove items from their portable storage containers.

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