Guest Post: Instagram Videos for Facility Tours By Nick Bilava


    This is a visual age. People enjoy watching videos to learn more about things, and storage facilities would be wise to take advantage of just that. By sharing videos, facilities can display what they have to offer customers in a more visual and personal way.

    For many storage operators though, video recording and editing isn’t exactly a strong point. After all, it isn’t something that most people can just jump into without prior knowledge or experience. So what can storage facilities do to provide video content on their website? Instagram Video might be the answer.

    In the last year, the social media app Instagram expanded their abilities to film, edit, and share video content. Even more impressive about this feature is that it’s easy for anyone to use—including storage operators who might not be as experienced with video editing, or even social media.

    Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using Instagram Video.


    • There’s no cost because you don’t have to buy equipment. Videos are filmed and edited directly through your phone or tablet, so you have everything you need to create a video.
    •   It’s an easy way to give potential customers a tour of your facility online or on their mobile devices without requiring them to come to your facility, the convenience of which people appreciate.
    • The entire process is remarkably simple. It might take a few minutes to become familiar with the features, but after that, creating new videos to highlight your facility, your units, and your special amenities will be easier than ever.
    • Embedding this video on a website is also a relatively simple process. In addition, the videos look great and usually fit into any posts or pages.


    • Instagram does have a 15-second time limit per video. In some instances, this might not be enough time. For tours of specific unit sizes and things of that nature though, you will be surprised how far 15 seconds can take you.
    • Instagram also doesn’t provide advanced editing features, such as audio editing or captions. For those trying to create high-quality, professional videos, Instagram probably isn’t for you.

    If you’re looking for a creative and simple way to work interesting videos of your storage facility onto your website, then Instagram Video is an option to explore. It can go a long way with customers, both new and current, and it broads your business’s marketing reach through social media.

    About Nick Bilava

    Nick Bilava is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Nick has been an active member of the storage community for over seven years and can be found at various industry events throughout the nation. Nick’s goal at is to help storage operators market their business more efficiently and effectively. For more information, visit



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