Guest Post: Is Paid Search Right for You? By Nick Bilava


    There are plenty of ways to put your business in front of new customers online. Organic search, local listings, social media, storage directories, and paid search advertisements are among these options. Some of these options can be “free” but take lots of time and commitment to succeed in. Others are paid and can show quick results. Paid search advertising, more commonly referred to as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, is a popular marketing tool. What are its benefits, and what can it offer your storage operation? You are about to find out.

    • Pay-Per-Click – Advertising storage facilities will only pay when someone visits their website. What they pay depends on the competition in the market. In some markets, clicks run for less than a dollar. In others, clicks can run for as much as $5 to $10. While paying only when you receive visits is great, it also makes focusing on converting these clicks into results incredibly important. There are measurements that can be set up to figure out if the return on investment is there or to improve conversions so that facilities are making more money on every click. Website performance after visitors arrive is something that should definitely be tracked though. Throwing money at PPC campaigns blindly can result in lost money.
    • Fast Results – Online marketing takes time to execute and see results, with the exception of PPC advertising. With paid search, ads can be created and launched into search results within a day. This can be seen as a benefit for several reasons. One is that facilities that need to add more tenants fast can reach their audience in a hurry. The other is that storage facilities can take advantage of events or push promotions during certain times of the year with ease. Paid search isn’t just a short-term solution though. Many facilities use it year-round since it brings in new tenants and is profitable for their operation.
    • Increased Visibility – While this is an obvious one, it is worth noting. Why? PPC ads can increase anyone’s visibility. Facilities that can’t find their way onto the first page of search engines results because of stiff competition can use PPC advertising to achieve the levels of online exposure that they need to bring in new tenants. Those who are ranking well without paid search can use it to claim another spot in search results. This increases the chances of their website getting clicks. Paid search is truly an option that can benefit anyone when used correctly.

    Paid search advertising is a versatile marketing tool that can benefit facilities of any size. It does take some time to set up and get familiar with, and there will be some tweaking along the way to improve results, but if these measures are taken, there is plenty of return to be found. If you are looking for new ways to increase exposure in the future, PPC advertising is an option to consider.

    About Nick Bilava

    Nick Bilava is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Nick has been an active member of the storage community for over seven years and can be found at various industry events throughout the nation. Nick’s goal at is to help storage operators market their business more efficiently and effectively. For more information, visit



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