Guest Post: One-On-One Self-Storage Training With Kevin Rollings


    Minico2Are you Interested in spending a little extra time just with Kevin to discuss issues or due diligence? Here are a few different options available: Option #1: Bring along a partner or spouse and come spend a few days with Kevin in Brownsburg, IN.  You can visit Alcatraz Storage in Brownsburg and Muncie – get a hands on training experience.  We provide your room and your meals. Pricing ranges from $ 497.00 or a one day full consultation to as many days as you’d like!  You can ALWAYS contact Kevin even after meeting with him. Option #2: Fly Kevin out to your area and spend a day going through the due diligence on a facility you have your heart set on!  Cost:  $ 497.00 per day, plus cost of travel and lodging.  Don’t leave any questions unanswered this is your money and your future, make sure you are going into the deal with confidence and knowing that you have covered everything….. even that blade of grass! Option #3: We will customize a package just for you! If you want the full course of the Self Storage Masters Workshop and you want to be the ONLY student there for more 1 on 1… CALL ME and we’ll see if there is a weekend available for you to come out! If you are interested in a private training, please call:  800-884-0065 or visit Self-Storage Facility Management today!

    About Kevin Rollings & Self-Storage Facility Management

    Kevin R. Rollings is a Teacher, an Owner and an Operations Manager for Self-Storage Facilities! Kevin has over 25 years rental experience at various levels of management and ownership in the rental niche.

    Kevin was the regional supervisor for Scott Meyers, the past owner of Alcatraz Storage’s in the Indianapolis Greater Areas. Kevin was often a speaker at Scott Meyer’s Self Storage Academy as the key speaker for Management 101 and for Self Storage Auctions. His wisdom and excitement for the industry lead Kevin to purchase Alcatraz Storage in Brownsburg, Indiana, moving him from a once manager to a current owner!

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