Guest Post: Things Found in Self Storage Units By Kevin Rollings


    Minico2I recently read a report about somehow who had stored a LOT of illegal cigarettes in a storage facility (click here to read article). Got me thinking of all the weird and random things I’ve heard people storing. I found a couple of articles I thought you might have fun reading. Basketball Court “I had someone who needed a storage unit for her picture frames … and her full-size basketball court. We couldn’t figure out how big of a space she needed before we got disconnected.”–Liz Fowler Snow A snow removal service called Mario Feghali, our co-founder and chief operating officer, wondering whether it could use a storage unit to dump the snow it had gathered. A Shooting Range “Someone wanted to store a tree at the end of the unit so that they could shoot a bow and arrow at it.”–Melissa van de Putte Grandma’s body While most of us would never dream of stashing a loved one’s ashes in a storage unit, apparently some people do exactly that. There have been several reports of urns full of cremated remains found inside storage units, which seems like a strange way to honor a deceased loved one. In an even stranger case, a Florida family kept their grandmother’s body in a blue casket inside a storage unit for 17 years following her death. When the storage unit owner notified the family that the unit would be sold for unpaid rent, they responded that the contents couldn’t possibly be put up for auction, since they included a relative’s dead body. A live hand grenade It’s not all that unusual to find guns or ammunition in a storage unit, but recently a man in Michigan found something with a little more fire-power. After finding a live hand grenade, he called the police, and the bomb squad arrived to detonate the grenade. Thankfully, no one was hurt by this dangerous surprise. Now that’s an explosive discovery!

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    Kevin R. Rollings is a Teacher, an Owner and an Operations Manager for Self-Storage Facilities! Kevin has over 25 years rental experience at various levels of management and ownership in the rental niche.

    Kevin was the regional supervisor for Scott Meyers, the past owner of Alcatraz Storage’s in the Indianapolis Greater Areas. Kevin was often a speaker at Scott Meyer’s Self Storage Academy as the key speaker for Management 101 and for Self Storage Auctions. His wisdom and excitement for the industry lead Kevin to purchase Alcatraz Storage in Brownsburg, Indiana, moving him from a once manager to a current owner!

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