Guest Post: Why Your Website Should Look Like Your Storage Facility By Nick Bilava


    Gone are the days where your storage facility would only get walk-up clients who noticed the facility on their drive home from work. Now, potential clients are able to find your facility, request quotes, and even reserve units from your website. So what does that mean for marketing?

    Well, your facility’s online presence is just as important—if not more—than the physical location, which means it needs marketing attention, too. Online ads, local listings, and regular content creation will boost your overall online presence, but there’s something even simpler that you can do to improve business. That, of course, is tying your online location and your physical location together in a way that helps consumers make a visual connection between your facility’s website and the facility, itself.

    Jog Their Memory

    With many storage facilities located on busy streets, tons of potential customers drive by every day and notice your company’s signage and logo. For many of these consumers, they won’t choose to actually drive to the location in order to make their reservation. Instead, they’ll choose to check out your facility online. Not everyone has perfect memory though, so these potential customers may only remember your facility’s location rather than the name. Sometimes, consumers will remember your facility’s appearance and logo, but not the name or location of your company.

    In any case, it’s important that consumers instantly recognize your business online and understand its relation to your facility. Use the same imagery from your signage and logos (optimized for the web, obviously), and include a photo of your physical location on a contact page with your address. That way, the visual cues will trigger people’s memories into recognizing your company and your location.

    Powerful Branding

    Not only does visual continuity help lost consumers find what they’re looking for, it can also help to create a more powerful brand image for your storage facility. Branding is key when trying to take your business to the next level, as it contains your entire business’s reputation. 

    Over time, consumers will begin to associate customer service, price, quality of goods, and everything about your business with your company name and logo. If your website doesn’t match the appearance of your storage facility, then you’re losing out on valuable brand-building opportunities.

    You should treat your storage facility’s website as if it’s just another storage location—it basically is the online storefront of your storage business. If you were to open another location for your storage brand, you would want it to look similar to your current location so consumers would know it’s the same brand, right? Well, the same goes for creating a web presence.

    By making your website look similar to your physical storage facilities, your consumers will clearly identify your online presence and your storage location(s) as the same brand.  

    About Nick Bilava

    Nick Bilava is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Nick has been an active member of the storage community for over seven years and can be found at various industry events throughout the nation. Nick’s goal at is to help storage operators market their business more efficiently and effectively. For more information, visit



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