Help create a hands-free environment with PTI Security Systems


    Hands-Free Access

    There is increased demand in the world for avoiding physical contact with devices, and self-storage customers are no different. As tenants look for ways to access their possessions safely, technology can step in to help minimize exposure without sacrificing security and convenience. Click the link below to learn more about how EasyCode can help you provide hands-free access to your tenants.

    Go Hands-Free

    Give the option to access gates, doors, and units with a mobile phone. With EasyCode, there’s no need to touch keypads or other access control devices to get on site.

    Mobile Payments

    Tenants can pay their invoices with the click of a button right from the app, making it easy for operations to collect.

    Stay In The Know

    Tenants can rest assured that their units are always secure even when they aren’t visiting the site. With EasyCode, they can easily review their unit’s activity history from their phone.


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