How to Compete in a Saturated Self Storage Market


    Market saturation and consolidation are inevitable and it can have negative effects on your business. Learn more in our latest eBook, What is a Co-op and Why Should I Care? 

    Over time, the number of competitors in an emerging market will peak, saturating the market and making it even more difficult for independent operators to remain competitive.

    Once an independent business gets to a certain point in its evolution, it may no longer be able to achieve its goals without adding resources, talent, or market share. Without the right tools, independent businesses face an uphill battle against larger, more established companies.

    But, hope is not lost. There is a solution designed specifically to aid independent self storage operators. Enter the Self Storage Cooperative. Cooperatives are helping business owners find the tools, resources, and talent they need to beat the competition.

    You may be asking yourself, “What is a cooperative and why should I care?” Those are great questions and we are here to help answer them for you. In this eBook, we cover the effects of consolidation on the self storage industry and explain to self storage investors how a Self Storage Cooperative can help them compete in a saturated market. You will learn:

    • How market share affects buying power
    • How to take action as an independent storage facility operator
    • How self storage cooperatives work
    • And the benefits of being a cooperative member

    Download a copy of this eye-opening eBook and learn how consolidation in the self storage industry can have negative impacts on small business owners and how Self Storage Cooperatives are helping them compete in a saturated market.

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