oneil-logo   If you are a record center customer, the more you know about your business, the more effectively you can respond to opportunities, or concerns.  But often, just knowing isn’t enough.  When you know is equally as important as what you know.   O’Neil Software, Inc., a provider of technology solutions for commercial and corporate records management for over 30 years, recently introduced their oneilMobile, an Android application designed for smartphones and tablets.  It allows record center customers to immediately search for and view the status of web orders and look up data on individual items stored in facilities utilizing O’Neil Software’s RS-SQL® Version 4.07 system.  oneilMobile requires Android 4.03 (ICS MR1) or higher.   When the application launches, by default it automatically searches for all orders placed in the last 72 hours and notifies users if none are found.  The default can be changed once additional searches have been created and saved.  Using oneilMobile, users can search fields such as Saved Search, Tracking #, Batch #, Order Status, Ordered By, Ordered Date, Requestor, Service Priority, Account and Saved Searches.  It’s as simple as tapping the field, typing in the criteria and then pressing the Search button.  Under some fields, several preset options are available.  Users can also create a search with multiple fields, then save the search for use again in the future.  Once the search is complete, basic information regarding web orders displays on the screen.  A simple swipe up and down, or left or right enables users to view the order and web order details, if desired.  Users can also sort orders that they’ve loaded.  By default, orders with higher tracking numbers will be displayed first.  oneilMobile also allows users to look up individual items either by typing the item code, or scanning the item’s barcode, then tapping the Search button.  Item information is displayed including contents, description and contained items.   David Holt, O’Neil’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) notes:  “This useful, but simple application for smartphones and tablets is an early demonstration of O’Neil’s commitment to these ubiquitous platforms as interfaces for collecting and transmitting records management information.  Records center staff and customers will find the oneilMobile technology and the functionality it will provide for years to come a worthy successor to O’Neil’s award-winning RSMobile®.”   About O’Neil Software   The Clear Advantage.   Committed to leading the industry for over 30 years, O’Neil Software has remained The FIRST Choice of Record Centers Worldwide.   Their technology is installed in over 85 countries, ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals. O’Neil’s solutions manage/track multiple types of data including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes; from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. Their flagship product, RS-SQL, is the most competitively priced software solution on the market, ensuring record center productivity and profitability. O’Neil’s complete RS-SQL Automated Records Management Software Package includes:   • Motorola® Award-Winning RSMobile Software • Records Management Software • Secure Destruction Management • Media Management and Rotation • Invoicing • Digital Imaging • Client RSWeb®.NET Software   O’Neil is also known as the industry pioneer for barcode tracking, portable printers, wireless handhelds and web technology.  The company provides worldwide coverage, with offices in California, Florida, United Kingdom and Australia.   Source: O’Neil Software Media Contact – O’Neil Software Chris Spisto, 949-458-1234                        ]]>


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