MAKING EVERY CALL COUNT: New Call Center Strategy Boosts Occupancy By Durinda Biesman


    When a customer calls your self-storage facility, the way the call is handled can make the difference between making the reservation and losing the lead. For multi-site operators, there is a new option that is fueling impressive increases in reservation rates and thereby boosting conversions. The solution: an in-house call center without the capital outlay or ongoing overhead of installing and owning call center equipment.

    This “on-demand” approach involves setting up a centralized call center in which all call handling is provided over a broadband connection under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)model that many companies are adopting to cut costs. Charges are per seat or per user per month with little or no capital investment.

    With this strategy, calls can be answered by customer service representatives who aren’t pulled away when a customer shows up to see a unit. Vital information such as caller ID, prior customer history, the closest facility, the pricing and units available, and the trucking hours pops up on the computer screen even before the agent says hello.

    There are other advantages as well. Local mini-warehouse numbers can be routed to a central call center, giving callers the impression that they are phoning their local facility. Reps can work from anywhere, even home, using a standard telephone and computer. Calls are delivered to the next available agent, regardless of where they are located.

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