Mr. Storage, The Movers Announces a Few Tips to Ensure Happy Moving


    Mr. Storage is a self-storage center, which has been locally owned and operated for over 20 years. The professional staff at Mr. Storage understands that moving can become quite stressful, so their friendly team works hard to alleviate any stress to make each move as easy as possible. Mr. Storage currently owns and operates six of the most professionally managed self storage facilities in and around the Philadelphia, PA area. They have facilities conveniently located in five Philadelphia neighborhoods including Manayunk, Roxborough, South Philadelphia, Olney, and Mayfair. Mr. Storage also owns and operates a facility in downtown Norristown. It is based on these years of experience in developing and operating quality self storage facilities that Mr. Storage is able to maintain the highest standards of the customers’ storage experience. With services like their Pick-Up truck service and knowledgeable reservation center, their goal is to continually exceed the customer’s expectations. Their Self Storage units would like to help make a customer’s move less stressful. Organizing and preparing weeks ahead of the move will lessen the stress and decrease the chances of overlooking important items. One Week Before Moving

    • Make sure that the items are labeled: ‘fragile’, ‘load first’, ‘load last’, and ‘do not load’. This is important to ensure the safety of items.
    • Ensure that the moving company knows the correct address and phone number of the new home. If possible, also provide them with an address and phone number to get in touch if there are no phones in the new house.
    • It is important to empty, defrost and clean the refrigerator at least a day before moving.
    • Make plans flexible and make arrangements in case of delays. Confirm travel arrangements and keep items that will be needed while the rest of the belongings are in transit.
    • Pack a box separately with the things they will need immediately upon arriving at the new home. For example: snacks, disposable plates and cups, bathroom items and trash bags.
    Moving Out Day
    • Thoroughly check the closets, drawers, shelves, attic, and garage to make sure nothing is left.
    • Turn off all the switches and lock all doors and windows.
    • Be around throughout the loading process. Inspect the premises and see that there is nothing left behind.
    • There must be someone to direct the movers. Also remember to take the agent’s name, address and contact number who is moving your belongings.
    • Many times people reach the destination before the movers can, in such situations, patience should be observed.
    • Sign the bills of loading and make sure the new address and phone number are correct.
    Move-In Day While unloading, make sure there is no damage and items missing. Make sure utilities are connected. You might want to consider carrying traveler’s checks or cash for quick payments. Plan out the placement of major items in the home. If moving to a new state, one will need to renew their driver’s license, revise their will, and other legal papers. Be sure to locate the nearest hospitals, police stations, and fire stations near the new home. (via SBWire)]]>


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