Not On My Property: Guarding Against Criminal Activity At Your Site By Scott Zucker


    As self-storage facility owners and managers go about their days concerned with renting units, handling delinquencies, and occasionally preparing for lien sales, they must also be vigilant to the risk of crime on their properties. Indeed, self-storage operators experience a variety of criminal activities at their facilities, including robbery, drug manufacturing, counterfeiting, prostitution, and unfortunately, even murder. These crimes cannot be overlooked. More importantly, owners and managers should take the time to learn about these risks if only for the purpose of trying to prevent them from happening at their locations.

    Burglaries And Break-Ins

    Break-ins are not new to the self-storage industry. They can range from youths cutting locks and rummaging through one or more units to widespread entries by organized thieves. The losses can extend from a stolen television to extensive art collections. Some newer self-storage facilities have implemented security measures at considerable cost that include individual door alarms, limited access gate systems, widespread digital surveillance systems and upgraded lighting. Whereas the numbers of occurrences have been reduced with the advent of these systems, burglaries still occur. At those facilities where no security enhancements have been made, they have made themselves only greater targets for thieves.

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