ON THE FENCE? Exploring Perimeter Security Options By Elizabeth Ferrin


    With countless styles and options avail- able to today’s self-storage profes- sionals, many developers are finding themselves literally up against a wall when it comes to choosing the right fencing for their self-storage stores. From block to powder- coated and ornamental to brick, the choices are endless, but the stakes are high. Fences provide self-storage stores with their first line of defense in the quest for security. They give the development an added aesthetic element, helping to both finish off the property and pro- viding a way for the store blend in with the sur- rounding neighborhood. Since they play such a vital role in a self-storage project, it’s important for developers to carefully consider all their options and weight the necessary facts, so they can get off the fence and make the best possible choice in perimeter security.

    Factors To Consider 

    Hands down, safety and security should be the fist consideration in selecting a fence for a self-storage development. “The most import thing is security,” states Donna Carucci, mar- keting director of Wayside Fence headquar- tered in Bayshore, N.Y. Developers should ask themselves where their sites might be especially vulnerable to break-ins. They also need to consider the physical terrain, including landscaping and nearby roads and highways. Noise abatement and specific screening requirements should also be fac- tored into the overall fencing plan.

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