Over Your Head: Assessing Your Roof For Repairs Or Replacement By Jennifer LeClaire


    roofThe roof may not be the sexiest element of your self-storage facility, but if it pours when it rains you’d be better off spending your maintenance budget on re-roofing than on repainting in the sunshine months.

    The problem is that often, self-storage managers don’t give much thought to the roof until it leaks. After all, they are busy maintaining the more visible areas of the facility grounds, renting units to eager tenants, and hunting for new prospects. That’s why it is vital to do an annual inspection of the roof before it springs an unwelcome surprise on you and your tenants.

    Of course, leaks aren’t the only telltale sign of an aged roof you need to retire in favor of a new-and-improved replacement. Sometimes the flashings have blown off in a windstorm. Other times, the roof is rusted through in various areas thanks to water puddles. Still other times, rusty screws could cause failure.

    “Managers usually call us when the roof is leaking,” says Wayne Woolsey, sales manager for Kiwi II Construction, Inc., a Murrieta, Calif.- based design, engineering, and installation firm that caters to the self-storage industry. “Gutters are just full of debris. We can clean it out, but it could also be a more serious problem that demands a new roof.”

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