President of SMD Software To Be Headline International Speaker at the Upcoming Storage Expo in Sydney, Australia


    Dr Ross Lampe, President of SMD software Inc., the makers of SiteLink Web Edition will be the headline International speaker at the upcoming Storage Expo in Sydney on June 14th. Lampe, a regular visitor to Australia since 2007, attended the inaugural Storage Expo, held on the Gold Coast, speaking to over 180 delegates introducing SiteLink Web Edition to Australia. No longer just the new kid on the block, SiteLink Web Edition has grown enormously in Australia and is the fastest growing Self Storage management software in the southern hemisphere. With sites in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, SiteLink recently held its first worldwide user conference in Las Vegas, a sell-out success with operators attending from all over the world. Ross will share with Australian delegates compelling reasons why SiteLink Web Edition is the program of choice for the world’s leading Self Storage operators and delegates will hear from other presenters on great Self Storage topics. With partners Centreforce technology, SiteLink are now the pre-eminent software suppliers to the Self Storage industry in Australia. “Self Storage is changing dramatically”, Dr Lampe said. “Self Storage vendors like SiteLink have to keep up with the latest trends and we invest heavily in research and development. We have more than 40 employees dedicated to developing the world’s best Self Storage software.” “We are here for the long term and support our Australian, New Zealand and south-east Asian customers with new features and localisations and empower them to do business in our new connected world.” Lampe said. “We will show you the power of SiteLink at the Storage Expo and delegates will see the advantages of cloud based software and they will get to see why more than 10,000 Self Storage sites worldwide use our software”. He said. The Storage Expo in 2007 was enormously successful and Centreforce Technology feels it is the right time to showcase SiteLink and supporting products and how they work in unison to help Self Storage operators run their businesses better, more economically and more profitably. With eight information packed sessions, attendees will see how the Internet can benefit their self Storage businesses, learn how the Web has delivered great business for operators and what the future holds for Self Storage. Delegates will be able to ask questions of Self Storage industry panel at the conclusion of the sessions, entering their questions and providing great information. “We have a large story to tell, hence the Expo”, said Dallas Dogger, Managing Director of the Centreforce Technology Group. “We are pleased to have Ross come to Australia and to sponsor our Expo and to share with us his wisdom and guidance on what the future brings us for Self Storage software – it’s an exciting time for Self Storage operators! We have planned the day to be informational, fun and educational. We want delegates to feel like they are able to compete in this new Internet aware world and we have the products, knowledge and services to help them.”]]>


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