Property Thieves Target North Idaho Storage Units


    On April 28thCoeur d’Alene, Idaho Police took a report of several storage unit burglaries that occurred over night at Coeur d’Alene Place Self Storage located at 5850 N. Atlas Road. The manager Adrianna Reeder stated she was called by another employee, Samantha White.  Samantha said she found several locks that had been cut off of storage units throughout the complex. Adrianna said she responded to the business and reviewed the video surveillance system. She said at approximately 11:56pm on the security tape she observed three males walking through the complex.  All three were wearing dark hoodie sweatshirts and dark clothing. She further said she observed the three walking through the complex until approximately 0430 that morning. She also said at one point, around 1:29am on the tape she saw the three males standing next to building N drawing a map in the dirt of the storage complex. There are also several times where the suspects are seen approaching storage units and they appear to be cutting the locks on the units with a bolt cutter. Adrianne said the employees checked the complex and found where the suspects had cut the outer chain link fence behind building N. On 04/29/12 Adrianna and her employees walked through the business and discovered several RV’s were entered and damaged as well. There are multiple victims to these crimes and various items were taken. Once a list of items is compiled it will be made available. Detectives are still in process of contacting victims and do not have a total value of items taken at this time. Attached to this release is a photo from the surveillance camera. Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact Coeur d’Alene Police at (208) 769-2320. (via]]>


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