PTI® Keypad Integration Now Available for CIA


    PTI® Keypad Integration Now Available for CIA

    OpenTech now offers a keypad integration for PTI® Apex and VP keypads. Connect your existing PTI keypads to INSOMNIAC CIA – the industry’s first choice for cloud-based access control. As remote solutions quickly become a key focus of many operational strategies, this integration provides an option for operators also facing restrictions on capital spending.

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    “This will allow us to roll out touchless gate access at a much faster pace utilizing some of our existing equipment. Touchless entry has been well received by our customers, especially in light of the current situation caused by COVID-19.”

    Randy Weissman, VP of Operations at iStorage

    This integration is the perfect solution for operators who:

    •Want to upgrade to a cloud-based access control system today without a significant investment in new hardware.
    •Have installed CIA at other properties and want to standardize on a cloud-based system.
    •Want access to data insights into tenant behavior to enhance revenue management, settle tenant disputes, optimize staffing schedules and more.

    The integration to INSOMNIAC CIA grants operators access to the IoE Control Center and eliminates the computer problems and never-ending software updates you experience with older PC-based solutions. You can manage a single or multiple properties from any Internet-enabled device. Plus, reports and real-time data visualization provide critical insights into tenant behaviors such as popular times on property, length of tenant visits, tenant access events and more.

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    *A property must exclusively utilize either PTI or CIA keypads. PTI is a registered trademark and brandmark of Preferred Technology Systems, LLC and PTI Security Systems. Keypad integration currently works with PTI Apex and VP keypads only. Integration doesn’t support PTI Door Alarms, PTI Relay Expandsion or PTI Site Graphics.


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