Purchasing Your Next Computer …. What To Know Before You Buy By Thomas V. Smith


    The dreaded day has arrived. You have been told that you need to discard the old computer you’ve been using at your self-storage facility and replace it with a new machine. You knew the day was coming, you have discussed it with your friends and fellow storage facility owners and managers and listened to the horror stories they experienced when they “upgraded” to a new computer. Now it’s your turn …

    Well, fear not! This article will walk you through the process of selecting a computer system that will make the transition from old to new as easy as pie. First let me explain some of the facts about the new hardware technology and operating systems.

    Processor Chips

    Almost all new computers are populated with either Intel® or AMD® processors, configured as either dual (two processors on a single chip) or quad (four processors on a single chip). Now, one would think that four processors must be better than two processors, right? In this case, the answer would be wrong. In general, computing speed is primarily measured in two ways:

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