Register for Collections: Best Practices to Simplify and Make Them More Effective


    Time to fess up: How many things that you swore you would start doing from the last industry conference are really happening in your operations? In this webinar, Ken Crowne will share research results about best practices at top self-storage corporations and simple things you can execute this week to impact rentals and receivables. TOPICS WILL INCLUDE: • Leveraging technology to improve an antiquated process • Replicating the most successful channels • Stealing best practices from outside our industry to accelerate payment • Implementing one-on-one tactics to make a better interaction that get you paid The webinar will take place on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, at 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 12 pm MT / 11 am PT. PRESENTER INFORMATION: Ken Crowne leads operations and business development for Next Door Storage and its flagship software program, Call Potential. With 15 years of call center and collections application set up for the world’s biggest banks, Ken has joined the owners at Next Door Storage to impart real-world selling behavior into Call Potential’s program of lead, expense and collection management tools to empower the staff at small and mid-sized storage firms.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THIS FREE WEBINAR]]>


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