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    Daily operations not enough to fuel you? End-of-day reports and lock checks lack the motivational power you need to take risks and reach for more in life and business? Then you need a dose of the Jason Schechterle story. Burned severely when his police car was rear-ended, Jason not only survived the accident but, with the support of the entire community, he rose from the ashes of that tragedy to become one of Arizona’s most inspiring heroes. Be part of this community by joining us to hear Jason’s call to positive thinking, his challenge to live life with optimism and gratitude. It WILL make a difference in your bottom line because it will impact the atmosphere of your work place, your customer service, and your attitude.


    • Constructing a new model of living in the face of life’s challenges to inspire you to live better every day in some small way
    • Goals: It’s important to have them, but they often change by choice, design or destiny
    • Human Condition: We all face challenges in this life whether it’s the daily grind of annoyances or the unexpected diagnosis of cancer, and so do the people on the other side of your counter and the other end of the telephone
    • Attitude: Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond
    • Quit or Keep Going?: This simple choice impacts you and everyone around you
    • Follow Through: How do you get out of bed and face another uphill day?
    • Mastering What Works Against You: Leave self-pity behind and focus on living each day in a meaningful way

    About The Speaker

    On March 26, 2001, Jason Schechterle, then a rookie City of Phoenix Police Officer was stopped at a red light. Suddenly his vehicle was struck from behind by a taxi traveling at over 100 miles per hour. Jason’s car instantly burst into flames, and he was trapped in the burning vehicle for eight minutes. He was covered in third- and fourth-degree burns on his face and torso, and lay in a coma for over two months. Ten years of painful recovery and 52 surgeries later, Jason began traveling the country as a motivational speaker, sharing his story of hope and optimism. He resides in Phoenix with his wife and three children. Jason is the subject of the recently published biography Burning Shield: The Jason Schechterle Story.

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