Save On These GREAT Management Tools From MSM


    10%     Use Offer Code MSMX10 at CheckOut! Self-Storage Daily Management Guide $49.95 by Star Management Systems The Self-Storage Daily Management Guide is designed to improve a storage facility’s organizational structure, work, authority, flow of information and people. It is designed to help your organization accomplish specific goals and objectives by enhancing communication processes to help identify, capture, and exchange information in a form and time frame that enables people to carry out their responsibilities. Improves Customer Service Support Meet your demand with prompt customer service and superior accuracy rates. The storage log book delivers comprehensive solutions through tracking demand, back-up solutions, follow-ups, and quality control. Communicate Day-to-Day Tasks Provide clear, concise, and effective communication through each level of management and customers by planning and prioritizing what needs to be done on a day-to-day basis. Maintenance Objectives Set forth a variety of maintenance objectives to ensure daily and preventative maintenance goals are addressed and carried out. Record Keeping and Supervision Keep a record of tasks and phone calls so there is never a question about an employee or customer interaction. Each Page Includes:

    • Important contact information
    • Phone script
    • Unit size suggestions
    • Daily checklists and to do lists
    • Daily phone inquiries
    • Weekly checklists
    • Monthly preventative maintenance
    • Track collection calls, late customers, and preparation for auctions
    • Track all inventory and more
    Click here to learn more about this product or to order. The Hat Lady Speaks Marketing Self-Storage by M. Anne Ballard $29.95 Increase demand, occupancy and income. That’s the goal of The Hat Lady Speaks: Marketing Self-Storage by industry icon M. Anne Ballard. The president and founder of Universal Management Company will walk you through the steps to prepare your facility for customers, market effectively, generate more on-site visits, and rent more units. Her techniques have been proven over years of trial-and-error proofing in self-storage facilities nationwide. Topics Include:
    • Telling Your Facility’s Story
    • Practical Solutions for Improving Store Performance
    • Proven Programs Anyone Can Use
    • Step-By-Step Marketing Instructions
    • Real-Time Processes That Maximize Your Marketing
    • An A-To-Z Guide for Marketing, Management and Team Motivation
    Click here to learn more about this product or to order. The Key to Success How to Manage Self-Storage by Tom Litton $29.95 Tom Litton management book The Key to Success offers tips for managing self-storage properties. Get valuable tips from industry expert Tom Litton management. Topics Include:
    • Job Descriptions & Interviewing
    • Making the Hiring Decision
    • Negotiating Compensation
    • Starting Managers Off Right
    • Day-to-Day Management Problems
    • Improving Performance
    • Performance Problems
    Click here to learn more about this product or to order. ]]>


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