Southampton Self Storage Re-Design Storage Website & Social Media Channels


    Self Storage Southampton are pleased to announce a re-design to their website, which update the online brand to reflect the recent brand update that was undertaken on the premises.  The new website is far bolder in colour-scheme than it was before with black and yellows which are designed to stand out.  The new colours have also been reflected across the social media channels with this new look being carried over into Youtube, Facebook, and Google+.

    The website itself, is now far easier to navigate than before with a new larger navigation bar which lets potential customers access information on units and container costs, as well as FAQs on self storage and information about the company.  The storage blog has also had an overhaul with new content being added each month to keep abreast of development in the industry and to tell customers what the company is doing in any given month.

    View the Website

    The website can be accessed on  If you’ve not used it before and like what you see then please do share the site on social media channels using the icons available from the homepage – you can also access all the social media channels from the website too.

    Watch on Youtube – Storage Units Southampton Video

    Below you can see a good example of how the new black and yellow branding works as well as seeing the logo in action on this video about Southampton Storage Units that they company produced and released.

    (via PRLog)



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